Online courtesy.

I haven’t blogged for a little while. I’ve been feeling really low. My black dog has been barking at my heels and I have shed an awful lot of tears. But that is for another blog post, not this one.

I posted something yesterday with a question as the heading for the post on my Facebook account. At no stage did I stipulate that the question I posted was my own personal view. I like to post questions that will provoke debate and discussion. Debate is good for us. We have to debate and not blindly accept. If we don’t debate? We become sheep that swallow any old crap we are fed.

I had a couple of replies to the post. One from a person I consider a very good friend. I agreed with everything she had to say and loved the way she said it. However, there was another reply too. This person was belittling me and made me feel so small and unintelligent.

I had been feeling so down, I burst into tears and felt like shit. But slowly I began to come around and my tears began to dry.

Then I started thinking. How many of us are belittled by others online? How many of us are left feeling like we will never be able to match the intelligence of others? How much damage is done by other people’s callous attitudes?

So we all need to be just a little bit more thoughtful and kind before we reply to someone. Because we just never know how much damage we may do.

One thought on “Online courtesy.

  1. flyhighandflutterbys

    I’m sadden to read that you have been made to feel so inferior ((( huggles ))). You do not deserve to feel so little, you are worthy and deserving of your own thoughts and views. Sadly more and more people are taking words and what they say for granted and put little thought into how their actions and words impact others. I’m glad you feel safe here to share your views about the world and your life xx

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