Blog inspirational quote challenge: day 3…

I saved my favourite quote of all time to use today. The quote is from Gandhi…

You must be the change that you want to see in the world.


Something positive just happened…

No, really. It did. Stop laughing! I am famous for being totally unable to take criticism and morphing and dissolving into a huge, bubbling ball of snot if anyone does offer up any criticism to what I do or say be it constructive or otherwise.

I guess it’s all down to the fact that for the first 33 years of my life, I was belittled and criticised every single day. It’s a difficult thing to overcome.

But today, totally out of the blue, something happened. I’ll tell you now. I’m a serial bookworm and after discovering that I actually quite like writing reviews of the books I read and posting them on here and also on Goodreads. A couple of weeks ago, I posted up a review and thought no more about it. But this morning, I received an email telling me that somebody had commented on my review. That has never happened before and I was keen to see what had been said.

I got to the comment and it was some grubby little troll who quite clearly had not had enough coffee yet this morning. Now under normal circumstances, the human snot ball would put in an appearance. Not this morning. I cocked an eyebrow, shrugged my shoulders and responded with, “My review, my opinion. But thank you for reading.” That’s it. Then I just moved on.

I feel weirdly elated and empowered. Staying calm and not losing it with some total stranger on the Internet has proved to me that I’m better than that. I’m not saying that I’m all better and healed, but I’m saying there’s hope. Her dirty footprints will not sully my mind today.


THINK before you donate…

I have always been an ardent supporter of charity. Even if I don’t have a lot of money, I will always stop to drop some coins into a charity collecting tin. I donate to the National Autistic Society on a monthly basis on behalf of my boys.
But I don’t give to other charities. I have stopped giving to oxfam, save the children and amnesty international. Why? You may or not know this, so if you do, apologies if I am repeating information that you are already in possession of.
The pay for senior level executives of charities has continued to rise, despite a campaign to curb that rise. Going back to February, 32 out of the top 150 charities’ executives were paid over £200000 which is up from 30 in 2013.
The number of charity leaders paid over £300000 has also increased from nine to twelve in the exact same two year period.
The highest paid of all was the executive at an independent hospital, the London Clinic. The person is unnamed and earns between £850000 and £860000 a year! That really sticks in my craw!
Nuffield Health, a hospital and fitness centre provider came in with the second highest salary, paying between £770000 and £780000!
The third highest payer was St Andrew’s healthcare, another medical charity who’s former chief executive, Philip Sugarman was paid £750000-£760000 in his final year with the charity.
Nuffield Health claimed their figure included redundancy payments and their chief exec, David Mobbs, was paid £640000-£650000 a year for his role.
However, I am more concerned in writing this post with regard to well known charities. With a little digging around, it was easy enough to find out Oxfam’s CEO’s wages. Lady Stocking was paid £119560 for the year 2012-2013.
Let’s now look at Save the Children. Justin Forsyth, the Chief Executive was paid £167000 last year.
Nine (yes, nine) of the executives at Cancer Research UK earn more than the prime minister! That included the chief executive Harpal Kumar who pockets £240000 a year!
The CEO of the NSPCC, Peter Wanless earns £162000 a year, which is £40000 more than the guy before him got!
Here are some more for you. Amnesty’s Salil Shetty gets £210000 and Age UK’s Tom Wright gets £190000. Marie Stopes refused to reveal Simon Cook’s wage, but his predecessor got £263000! Christian Aid’s Loretta Minghella gets £162072. The RSPCA’s Gavin Grant gets £160000.
I can go on and on about the astronomical sums that these people are getting. It makes my blood boil. If all the money that these people made was put into the charity, just imagine what could be achieved!
Call me whacky, but I thought the whole point of charity work was to give your time freely for the benefit of others? Not to bleed a charity dry of its profits to line all of your greedy pockets!

What does blogging do for you…

No, really… what does it do for you? I started blogging a couple of years ago, and at first I was very sporadic with my posts. Yet every now and again, I would feel the urge to log in and post something only to loose the urge again.

Then I started to get the urge to post more frequently. I found that I was really enjoying the creative process involved in crafting some words into a blog piece that hopefully at least one piece that one person will enjoy.

I adore writing. Whether it is typing on my blog, writing in my diary or crafting a snail mail letter to a penpal, the simple act of taking the words and shaping them into meaningful sentences that inform or give comfort, or creating food for thought gives me so much pleasure.

It helps me to clears my head and relax. Whether or not lots of people read my words, I feel so much better for having written them all down.

Words are incredible, they truly are. They have so much power and also beauty.

Please do feel free to comment and I’d love it if you shared this piece so I can hear from lots of people. Thank you! 🙂

Please help Revive a Rural African Child…

I need everyone to have a look at and to share this utterly amazing charity. They are a tiny little organisation in rural Uganda who are dedicated to helping children get an education. Unlike major charities who siphon off donations to pay salaries, 100% of what you give goes to help these kids. Please, please, please take a second to think about doing something that would make these kids feel over the moon! Please reblog this everywhere and anywhere. Please, please, please?

Revive a Rural African Child
Thank you so much!!!

3 days 3 quotes challenge…

OK I suck. My last day of the 3 days 3 quotes challenge is a couple of days late. With my son being unwell, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. But here I am. 
So, my last day… Who will I challenge? The rules are simple: three positive quotes each day for three days and challenge three people each day to take the challenge.

So here are my final challengees:
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3 days 3 quotes: Day 2…

Well, here we are. It’s day two of my three days, three quotes challenge.

Here are my day two nominees. Just to give them the rules. You have to blog three days on a run and post three positive quotes in each post. Then you also have to invite three of your followers each day to take up the challenge.

Today’s invites go to:
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