Singing away… Sunday 03.03.2013

Autism Mumma (Jeannette)

It’s been a *whispers* good day today. Or maybe I should shout that from the window. A nice end to our weekend.

No anxieties, no stares/comments or downright rudeness as per yesterday’s extra post – click here to read.

Today we’ve been looking on YouTube for clips and songs from “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”. D will be in the choir in the school production at the end of April – amazing when I think back and remember she could not enter the school hall in mainstream school, so participated in none of the class assemblies or plays – and both myself and her teacher want her to be as familiar with the songs as possible.

So, that’s what we’ve been doing. Some of the songs she likes more than others so I guess I need to memorise the ones she doesn’t like as much and sing them on…

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Annoying, crappy adverts.

I’m sure we all have them.. Those adverts that come on the television and they make you want to put your fucking foot through the screen. I have so many this could be a long post! This blog post was inspired when this advert came on TV.

I used to LOVE Paul Whitehouse. He really made me laugh. But these adverts are fucking terrible. His accent is lousy and the whole thing just smacks of desperation to get more business. I guess artistic integrity goes down the toilet when there are huge wads of cash involved hey Mr Whitehouse?

The Go Compare adverts were horrendous before they turned into the blowing shit up and hurting him style ones. This one in particular was a real pisser…

I really did want to throw my shoes at the TV at this one, indeed at any of the Go Compare adverts. Thankfully they are getting funnier now, especially the Stephen Hawking one.

Perhaps one of the most annoying batch of adverts that are plaguing our TV screens at the moment are the Wonga loans ones. Those fucking rubber puppets are creepy as shit! That and the fact that they are the biggest load of bollocks going.

Drum and bass? Fuck the fuck off Wonga!

Then along come Secret Escapes and Voyage Privee. Oh man I need to turn of the fucking TV before my blood pressure goes through the roof!

To finish for now comes the Robin Hood bingo advert. The lousy acting and the lousy clothing and the fact that it is a bingo ad combine to make it worthy of piles of scorn and derision.

Well, that is it for now. I’m off to have my dinner. I am sure I shall think up some more annoying adverts. Please feel free to chip in with your own. 🙂


Autism Mumma (Jeannette)

Why? Because I’m not on Facebook.

Want to enter a competition? Facebook. Want to increase your reach? Facebook. Etc.

But this annoyed me this week: my so-called economy-saving kettle has stopped being economic. It’s one of those one-cup jobbies, slightly anti-social in that it only boils (wait for it..) enough for one cup at a time, the idea being you don’t use as much water and electricity per cup. Well, it’s stopped filling up the cups and to get “one-cup” now means two or three attempts. Not very economical. I emailed and tweeted the company and got sent a Facebook link. Grrr! Replied and said I’m not in Facebook and got no further reply.

I did dabble once, signed up as me and deleted it as one of the people who connected was my first husband’s (good riddance btw) partner, ummm..why? I think we last spoke by phone when I…

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This story is fucking heartbreaking. This young man died needlessly and many others could do the same. Something must be done.

Another angry woman

Daniel Gauntlett needed a roof over his head to survive the freezing winter temperatures. But because of recent parliamentary machinations, it was illegal for Daniel Gauntlett to seek shelter inside an empty bungalow. The police were called when he tried to enter. So he froze to death on the veranda of the building which could have protected him.

In a local news report on the story, one particularly poignant line stands out, highlighting how this man’s death should have never happened:

And so Mr Gauntlett, had taken the fatal decision to abide by the law.

This is the corner into which the law–Section 144 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill–has pushed people. So many must now make a decision like Gauntlett’s: to freeze to death a law-abiding citizen, or to survive and swell the prison population of people punished for desiring a roof over their…

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