Therapy… for me.

Things happen in life that hurt us deeply. Most people suffer a little while and then they move on. I don’t have the ability to do that. I am unable to properly let go of things that have hurt me. People that I thought loved me and were my friends now no longer want to associate with me. this has broken my heart. I feel like a leaf blowing in the wind. Just buffeting around with no tree to call my home. No other leaves to be with.

My life has been shit. Some people know large chunks of what has happened to me, but nobody knows it all. I don’t want anyone else to know it all. But this is part of the reason I find it so hard to let go of my pain.

So when people tell me “Oh, its been a year, you should be over it by now.”  That’s absolute bollocks. I know people that have grieved over an event for 20+ years. People heal and recover at different times. So fuck you. Who are you to you to tell me that? You don’t know shit about me. Love me like a sister do you? Utter bollocks.

Fuck the cliques. I’m so done with that shit.

So you see… This post is therapy… for me.