OK Loose Women – You’ve Really Pi**ed Me Off…

I heard a rumour that Peter Andre had gone through the simulation of labour pains. Apparently he did it to try and have a better understanding of how his wife will feel when she has their baby in just a couple of weeks.

Now I watched the clip on the U.K TV show, Loose Women. I’ve never been a huge fan of the show, but this sealed the deal for me.

There were a load of bitchy women (including the presents) cackling rabidly every time he was put through a contraction simulation. I’m sorry but this is so out of order, it really is.

Please tell me how it is OK to laugh at another human being in so much pain? Oh, that’s right, it isn’t. The lot of them screaming and cackling like harpies made me furious. If a woman was either being put through that simulation or actually giving birth, then not one person would laugh.

Sexism works both ways people, and neither of them are acceptable. Get a grip or yourselves for f**k’s sake!

Peter Andre in Labour simulation.


What the hell America?…

Seriously, what the hell? Who decided to agree with that dayglo orange buffoon that he would be a suitable candidate for POTUS? Everyday that goes by, another skeleton falls out of his closet and shows him up as the sexist, misogynistic, racist, bigoted moron that he truly is.

Today has been one of the most illuminating ones of all when it  comes to shining a light on the depths of how depraved he truly is.

Transcripts from shock jock Howard Stern’s radio show have been released and they regale the reader with many vile examples of things La Donald has said and done. Here is a link to the vile things he said …

Trump’s comments to Howard Stern
However, sadly this isn’t the worst of it. Unless you have had your head in the sand for the last 24 hours, you have most likely heard of the tape released by the Washington Post about how Trump feels about treating women, all because he is famous…

Donald Trump’s lewd comments
How can anybody accept this? People do though. There have people saying that they don’t care what he said. They will still vote for him. They claim to be staunch Christians. Really? How can you claim to be Christian when you stand with the devil?

Nigel Farage (the boil on the ass of British politics) said that this was “how all men talk”. Erm, no Nigel, it isn’t. It really isn’t.

Farage’s comments
After the release of the Trump tapes, there has been a surge of posts on Twitter of women sharing horrible stories about them being assaulted sexually at an early age. This is NOT ok people!!!

Sadly these tweets reveal how endemic and casually accepted sexual assaults are by (mostly) men in the world today. People, teach your children that they must ALWAYS repel an advance/touching that you do not want or feels wrong. Lash out, protect yourself and TELL SOMEONE!!! Teach your children that is NEVER ok to touch/treat another human being in this way. America MUST make a stand against Trump and they simply must accept that this (or any) level of abuse is not OK. Because it isn’t. It really isn’t!!!

First assault tweets

If you hate Hillary Clinton so much that you cannot bring yourself to vote for her, then fine. Don’t. JUST DONT VOTE FOR TRUMP!!! Show him and the rest of the world that this behaviour must never and will never be OK.


Get a grip! Prioritise what you freak out over…

After having been online this morning, I have noticed the world seems to have its collective panties in a bunch over the break up of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Are you kidding me here people? Get a grip!How can you possibly be so het up about the state of a marriage of two people that you never did and never will know? It has nothing to do with you! With everything that is going on in this world, even papers like The Guardian are glorifying the separation of a family. They also bring up Jennifer Anniston and rehash a decade old feud. This is so wrong!

People really need to reprioritise. The current crisis in Syria is enough with anything else.

Calm yourself people and worry about something that might actually affect you and that matters!

The Melania Trump situation – slut shaming is not the issue here…

Yes, people are slut shaming and saying some pretty bloody horrible things about Melania Trump (or Melania Knauss as she was known). But that is not the point here. There is major level hypocrisy right here… this is the issue.

Let me get one thing perfectly clear. I don’t give a hoot how naked Melania gets. She is a gorgeous woman and she looked absolutely stunning in those pictures.

The issue is this. People (mainly Republicans) have been saying “Hey, so what? She got naked. She is going to be a great First Lady. Just because she got butt naked, that shouldn’t stop her getting into the White House.”

Yup, absolutely right. Agree with that 100%.

However, we need to stop and step back here. We need to look at the bigger picture. Look at Michele Obama. Look at the vile things that were said about here when sh dared to pose for official photographs in a sleeveless gown. She looked classy and stunning. Yet republicans hurled abuse and said some utterly vile things about her. How dare she expose so much flesh? Then the issue of the colour of her skin became part of the abuse. Then they started to criticise how muscular her arms were, and how disgusting it was the a First Lady did press ups on the floor!!! There was then the issue of her wearing shorts on a hike. Again, she was exposing way too much flesh!

Can you imagine if Michele Obama had ever posed nude in any way, shape or form? Can you imagine the abuse? The sheer level of body shaming? She would never have got within 100 miles of the White House. Hypocrisy much people??? How is this different?

The issue isn’t about Melania’s nudity. It is about absence of hypocrisy and ability/appropriateness to fill a role. Which Michele Obama has done. Despite the fact she dared to bear her arms!

An open letter to the friends and family of Brock Turner…


Let me start out this post by getting one thing perfectly clear. Your “golden boy” is a rapist. Plain and simple. He was humping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster in a brutal assault that went on for a whole twenty minutes.

No Mr Turner senior. It is NOT “20 minutes of action” that has ruined your son’s life. It is the brutal and sustained sexual assault BY YOUR OFFSPRING that has shattered and ruined the life of his victim and her family. They are the ones who will suffer ad infinitum. Your turd of a son will dust himself off after his six months in prison and (no doubt with daddy’s help) move on to a brand new life without a second thought or a look back. Isn’t that nice?

I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for your victim. Why? I read the statement that she read out in court to your rapist son, I broke down in tears. Her strength of character and her eloquence in the face of what she had been put through genuinely moved me.

Victim of Stanford rapist’s statement in full.
Then, as if the poor woman had not been put through enough, she had to hear the judge saying that any more than six months in prison would damage poor little Brocky’s future. But this was not the final slap in the face. It got worse. Much worse. You Mr. Turner Snr wrote something so offensive if was hard to believe possible. You described your son’s prolonged and brutal sexual assault on this defenceless young woman as “twenty minutes of action”! You utterly repugnant and morally bankrupt excuse for a man.

Brock Turner’s father’s horribly offensive statement.
But then as if she hadn’t been through enough, this odious little pervert had a friend come crawling out of the woodwork. The horrific part of this is that it was a female friend. She had the gall to describe her friend as “not a real rapist”! How the hell could she say that? Seriously??? Would you be saying that if it were yourself or your sister Ms. Rasmussen?

Friend Of Stanford Rapist Blamed Victim, Urged Judge Not To Be ‘Politically Correct’

The above link is the “Not a real rapist” letter.

I have only one thing to say to you Mr Turner senior. I hope that what happened to the young lady that your son assaulted never ever happens to a female in your family. That goes for you too Miss Rasmussen. You both make me want to vomit.

My thoughts are with the incredibly brave young woman who is the real victim here.