Jennifer Lawrence and That Dress…

Anyone who knows me, knows that I worship the ground that Jennifer Lawrence walks on. The woman can do no wrong in my eyes. She is my idea of perfect, she really is.

Over the last couple of days, the press, and the world in general seems to have lost its collective mind over the fact that Jennifer exercised her right to wear what the hell she likes and put on an absolutely stunning black dress for a photo shoot promoting her latest film “Red Sparrow”. My word did she ever look good too! The dress was so elegant.

Yet I’m not here to discuss sartorial elegance and movie stars fashion choices. I’m here to discuss the way that the internet seems to have lost its damn mind over the fact that Jennifer wore this dress at all.

Before I go any further I just want to make clear that THE CHOICE WAS HERS!!! All the idiots that are saying she was coerced into wearing the dress – get a grip!!! Also, she openly admits there was no way that she would spoil this dress and the look of it by wearing a coat/hat/scarf. Again, HER CHOICE PEOPLE!!! She made a post on Facebook about the fact these photographs went viral. She was stunned that the world lost its damn mind over a dress!

Jennifer Lawrence’s Facebook statement regarding the dress.

I was so pissed off by the fact that she even had to make that statement. Hell people, if she had wanted to stand there with nipple pasties and a g string (I wish) then it would have been HER CHOICE!!!

I’m now seeing all kinds of articles from all over the internet saying that the dress was against the #metoo movement and that it was not feminist to have Jennifer freezing in a dress while her male co-stars wore coats. See the above paragraph. HER CHOICE PEOPLE!!! As for it damaging the #metoo movement? That is the biggest load of horse crap I have ever heard!

This article from “The Pool” really yanked my chain. Right at the end… “a thin young woman”. What does her body size have to do with it? If she was a size 26 and had a skimpy outfit on, then then it would be commented upon about the person being overweight. Yet the media wonders why so many people lay the blame for eating disorders so squarely at their door.

Idiotic post from The Pool

Whatever Ms Lawrence chooses to wear, she is damned by a certain segment of society. Too skimpy, not skimpy enough, too short, too long, too revealing, not revealing enough… you get the picture here. Yes, people are going to analyse what famous people wear, but get a grip here. It is really not some misogynistic plot to get Ms Lawrence to flash her boobs for the camera just to get bums on seats for a movie! Again – her choice!

There are some more sensible articles about the issue

Not a symbol of feminism

Jezebel struck with a teeth clenchingly annoying article asking for Jennifer to be given a coat. 😡😡😡

Give Jennifer a coat

Then the self same website does a 180 and produces this…

She chose to be cold, deal with it

The more that I hear people harping on about this, the more annoyed I get. One Irish journalist, Orna Mulcahy was rude enough to say that she “doubted” the choice was Jennifer’s! How patronising can you be? Jealousy makes one very ugly Ms Mulcahy, it really does.

I’m going to say this one last time. It was Jennifer’s choice to put on that dress and she looked damn good in it. Keep your jealous, bullshit opinions to yourself!

Be kind to each other.x