Book Review: The House of Eyes – Kate Ellis…

When Darren Hatman reports his daughter missing, DI Wesley Peterson isn’t too concerned. Leanne Hatman is an aspiring model, keen to abandon her native Devon for the bright lights of London. However, Darren’s claim that a photographer has been stalking Leanne soon changes Wesley’s opinion.Leanne works at Eyecliffe Castle, once home to the wealthy D’Arles family and now converted into a luxury hotel. When Darren himself is found brutally murdered in the castle grounds, the police fear is that Leanne has met a similar fate. But, if so, where is her body?
Meanwhile, Wesley’s friend, archaeologist Neil Watson, recently returned from a thrilling Sicilian excavation, makes a disturbing discovery near Eyecliffe Castle and surprises Wesley with the news that, while in Sicily, he met Leanne’s alleged stalker. 
With Eyecliffe Castle becoming the scene of another violent death, Wesley suspects a connection between the recent crimes, the disappearance of two girls back in the 1950s and a mysterious Sicilian ruin called the House of Eyes, a place feared by superstitious locals.
As he works to solve one of his most challenging cases yet, Wesley must face alarming revelations, rooted in centuries of fear and evil . . . as well as dealing with a nightmare of his own.
I have been given an ARC by Netgalley and the Little Brown Book Group UK in exchange for a fair and honest review.
The story jumps from past to present and also from character to character with no clear notification and for me that is a little distracting. I found it a little difficult to keep up with the flow of the story at first. 
The characters are well defined and easy to get to know. This is my first DI Wesley Peterson novel, despite it being the 20th in the series. So I am a newbie to these characters. Hence there is a degree of skill in the author’s ability to help you feel like you’ve known them for a while. An important skill.
As you move into the story and the characters become more rounded you start to realise that things are not what they seem.
The story develops well and you are kept guessing as to the guilty party right until the end of the book. I’m really glad I read this book and I will definitely be looking for others in the series.
The only reason that this book gets 4 and not 5 stars is the confusing way the book jumps about from past to present.
I’m profoundly grateful to Netgalley and The Little Brown Book Group UK for my ARC.

Pesto and Feta Stuffed Chicken

Inside Kel's Kitchen

This pesto and feta stuffed chicken looks so delicious and fairly easy to make! I can’t wait to give this one a try!

OK so I just finished this post and it’s gone…. So you get to see my second version. Not sure what happened to it I had just saved it and the only thing that was left was the last picture i put in and the title. So here we go with round two of this. […]

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Southwestern Stuffed Spaghetti Squash – A Delicious and Beautiful Vegetarian Entree

Inside Kel's Kitchen

I know I shared a link to this recipe a while back, but last night I actually made it myself. Now I can truly attest to how delicious this dish is!!! If you love southwestern flavors and would like a vegetarian (even vegan) entree, this is for you! The mild flavor of the spaghetti squash is jazzed up with black beans, red bell pepper, onion, and jalapeño. I wasn’t shy with the jalapeño, so my dish had a little kick to it! And the lime juice and cilantro add tang and freshness to the wealth of flavor here. This dish is very healthy, but never fear it’s a hearty one too!

While this dish does take some time to bake the squash (about 45 minutes), the preparation is pretty simple. The results are very impressive though. Put on a beautiful platter, this would be a great dish to serve to…

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It’s Happening & We Need Your Help!

The Hippy Geek

The last week has been a bit crazy, but it looks like we climbed the ladder of this app idea and instead of slinking back down like scaredy cats, we’ve thrown ourselves down the deathslide of startup business and friction burns are in the not to distant future!

But we need a bit of help from you lovely people….

I know surveys are boring, but if you have a few minutes could you answer a few questions to help us get our heads around the kinds of things you guys need, or share this, or tweet a link to the form for other chronic illness people out there?

Or use some other kind of social media that I’m way too old and boring to understand? Xxx


As always, Nice to have you here.

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Spiced Sweet Potato Soup – An Amazing Healthy, Vegan Soup!

Inside Kel's Kitchen

Spiced Sweet Potato Soup with Rosemary Garlic Bread On a coldafternoon or evening I really can’t imagine anything better than this. Whether on its own as a wholesomelunch or dinner, or as a hearty starter it will make you feel cozy and smiley inside. It is also a really nice festive soup for autumn. It is so crazy that […]

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Blackfish documentary review

Everybody should see Blackfish.



Blackfish is astounding because it made me care about something that I have absolutely no interest in. Blackfish is a film about the mistreatment of killer whales in captivity and the stress it causes them in life. Primarily the film focuses on Tilikum, a killer whale responsible for the deaths of three people. What this film argues though is that killer whales are docile creatures who we have tortured into outbursts such as this. Honestly, I’m not sure what made me watch this. The first time I watched it was two years ago and I still remember it perfectly. I remember them talking about how Seaworld lies about their lifespans. How Seaworld lies about their fins drooping naturally… Basically I remember that Seaworld is one of the worst places ever. Or is it? You have to remember that this is a biased documentary. After the release many trainers came forward…

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Just don’t move…

I’m exhausted. I’ve had about two hours of broken sleep. Fuck you pain for keeping me awake like this, what have I ever done to you to deserve this?

I’ve lain awake feeling like every single nerve ending has been dipped in acid. Everything burns and the pain is mind blowing. It really is. Even my ritual waiting until the kids have set off for school and screaming fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuck at the top of my voice has not helped.

My painkillers I take four times a day. I have to, otherwise I don’t function. The downside of this is that between 9pm and 7am I have no pain relief. Nothing. Nada. Zip. So painsomnia is a huge part of why I don’t sleep.

I’m so fed up of this. Right now I feel like one giant, raw nerve ending that is on fire. The slightest movement sets everything off and I feel myself ripping over the edge and free falling through a world of fire and agony.

I’ve begged my doctor for help and been made to feel like a junkie for asking. People with chronic severe pain are not junkies. We are just desperate for some relief from this hell we live in.

So Im lying here feeling like hell and gritting my teeth. I’m OK as long as I just don’t move.

Don’t touch me…

No, really, please don’t touch me. I’ll explain why. Everybody already  thinks I’m fucking crazy, so maybe this will just cement that belief. I don’t care. I’ve never been able to talk about this in public before, and right now I feel brave enough so I’m going to grab the chance with both hands.

When I ask you not to touch me, I have a very good reason. The very thought of your fingers making contact with my skin makes the vomit rise in my throat and my pulse bound faster and heavier than even the worst panic attack can induce. For you see, I have haphephobia. A fear of being touched. It is much, much worse with strangers, but there are only a handful of people who can touch me without making me sick to my stomach. 😦

It makes life so very difficult. Many people are tactile by nature and when they reach out to touch an arm or shake a hand it induces such waves of sheer terror in me that I’m unable to move. I’m gripped by fear and paralysed by the thought that I am not able to escape. For you see, I’m stuck in a wheelchair. I cannot get away. For some reason people seem to think that they have an automatic right to pat me on the shoulder or grab my hand. So when I scream, yell “Get the fuck off me!” and yank my hand away, they think that I’m just being rude. Maybe I am. But are they not being rude by touching my body without my permission?

My Psychiatrist and I have talked about this before. Well, by that I mean he talks about haphephobia whilst I sob and choke on the words in my throat. Even now, I’m not able to say it. I try so hard but I just can’t.

Maybe if I try it this way. I spent the first 33 years of my life being abused. Both familial and spousal abuse. The familial abuse came from the one man amongst all others who should have loved and protected me. I then left home and married a bastard who was a carbon copy of my first abuser. The abuse was verbal, physical and sexual (as it was in the first instance). It got to the point where I could feel his fingers even when they were not in contact with my skin. I knew that their contact brought pain and suffering. So eventually I came to associate all touch with that same level of pain and suffering.

Even though I know why my phobia exists, I simply cannot move past it. Nothing my Psychiatrist has tried has worked. Not a single thing.

So when you see a woman in a wheelchair who looks like a terrified rabbit caught in the glare of some headlights and she’s sobbing and begging you not to touch her – please think that there’s a damn good reason why and respect her wishes.