The Prissy and the Powerful: On Gender, Danger and Triviality


“Prissy”.  “Fussy”.  “Trivial”.  These are terms I hear all the time in men’s comments about women.  They like women, they’ll often say, but they just have different priorities.  All this good manners, and having tea, and arranging throw cushions, and wiping your feet when you come into the house, that’s what women are into and it’s a bit…trivial.  You can’t take it seriously, they’re not bothered about important things.  They’re obsessed with minutiae.

There are a several obvious counter-remarks to this, which might include “that’s a very restricted view of women”, “maybe if they had been allowed to train as architects, they’d be fewer throw cushions about the place”, and – as Glosswitch is fond of retorting, “have you noticed I’m not your mother?”  Or it might be pointed out that stereotypically male pursuits like sports fandom involve obsessing over tiny differences in season averages, which is not all that…

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Cyril Smith: Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True

Another angry woman

Content note: This post discusses child abuse

The MP for Rochdale raped children. He was aided and assisted by men of his race. He and his paedophile ring procured children from care homes and raped them at parties.

The police were aware of what the MP for Rochdale was doing. They watched the paedophile ring raping children through secret cameras. They gathered a substantial amount of evidence about this paedophile ring, and who was involved, and what they were doing. And yet the police did nothing–worse than nothing. They shelved the investigation, and they threatened police officers who wanted to talk about this paedophile ring into silence.

It is only decades later that we are beginning to hear about this paedophile ring, and the Met are now investigating themselves to see whether they covered it up.

Cyril Smith, former MP for Rochdale and child rapist, was a white man. His gang of…

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