Book Review – The History of Lesbian Hair by Mary Dugger…

Oh dear Ms. Duggar, this has to be one of the lousiest books that I have ever read! I was looking forward to reading this, as the blurb sings out loud and proud that this book was utterly fabulous and hilarious. The only thing that this book is is really, really shite.
I have never not finished a book and managed to finish this pile of festering dog turds. The author lets rip and belittles various groups of people. She says some terrible things and none of it is accurate or fair.
The book is horribly unfair and inaccurate in many situations. The cracks about Christian kids having to touch their dad’s penis for their birthday – really??? 

Child abuse is not fucking funny under ANY circumstances!!! She also fat shames, body shames and is generally nasty and viscous.
The thing that pissed me off the most is her comment about bisexual girls. She said that “Bisexuality is merely a road trip for straight girls.” What the F***? My bisexuality is no road trip for me. I am very settled with who I am and don’t feel like some judgmental woman who has no clue what and who I am and what I do has the right to break down my sexuality.
I’m only giving this book one star as a negative star rating is not available.   

Feeling pretty rubbish…

I’m starting to dispair over how lousy I’m feeling right now. I’m used to feeling ill due to the variety of chronic diseases that I have.

This however has nothing to do with my usual illnesses. Over the last few weeks I have been getting steadily worse and displaying new symptoms. Right now? I’m sweating and shaking and snapping at people. This isn’t me!!! I have an appointment  to see my doctor of Wednesday. I honestly don’t know if I can cope that long. It’s nasty, it really is.

But on a lighter note, my eldest has his best friend staying over. They don’t see each other as often they would like. They are both autistic. Three autistic kids to care for? I must be potty. But as long as they are happy, who cares? 🙂


My positivity for today…

I read a blog piece today that talked about simply ignoring past events to be happy. Whilst this was an overall inspiring piece, I did disagree with this one point. I believe that one must embrace and accept one’s past in order to be free and move on. Of course that may take longer for some people than others but we all get there in the end. Namaste.



The red cup…

There has been a real song and dance in the last couple of days over the stupid red cup that Starbucks have released for this holiday season. The whole thing has gone viral and holy cow, are people ever making a fuss?!

From what I can gather, the story was picked up by an evangelist called Joshua Feuerstein. He got his panties in a bunch over the fact that this year, Starbucks has gone for a minimalist red cup and not one with “festive” pictures or slogans on it. Feuerstein is encouraging people to go into Starbucks and tell people that their name is “Merry Christmas”. The baristas will then write merry Christmas  onto their cup. Asshole way to protest! After all, there is no better way to protest a company than to continue to purchase its products!

Everywhere I have looked over the last couple of days, there has been nothing but one form or another of bitching over this whole stupid cup fiasco. I have to be honest with you, it’s really starting to get on my last nerve!!!

My friends know I’m far from being a Christian, but it really boils my piss when I see sheeple jumping on the bandwagon and using this whole story as an excuse to slag off Christians/Christianity. As if ALL Christians are responsible for this. The Huffington Post have implied all Christians are responsible for the fuss! Huff Post spurious article Lets get one thing straight here. It is NOT all Christians. It was ONE Christian. ONE!!! Then some idiots jumped on the bandwagon and poof! The story is viral. The number of Christians who feel this way is greatly in the minority. The vast majority of Christians simply do not give two shits about a stupid coffee cup! 

Christians don’t care!
So while everyone is getting their knickers in a knot over this issue, the humanitarian crisis in Syria continues. Indonesia is burning to the damned ground! People who have a chance to make a real difference to the future, like Donald Trump? All they can think about is rattling the sabre for their own publicity ends! La Donald blows his own horn again! All these assholes can think about is a fucking coffee cup? Get a grip people!!!