The moral bankruptcy of advertising.

There are many tricks via the manipulation of words and images with which advertisers can persuade us to part with our hard earned cash. The use of sexy images of women and men to promote a product is a prime example. Our desire for the person featured in the advert makes us far more receptive to the idea of rushing out and buying the object of the advert. However, it now appears that these advertisers are prepared to sink to new lows in their pursuit of our cash.

The prime reason for my rant is an advert I have just seen on ITV2. The advert in question is a company called Cash Lady. The company make so called ‘short term’ loans to people of up to £300. They have a huge representative APR of 2670%! This is one of the higher rates that I have seen out of all of the companies of this ilk. The spokesperson for this company? Kerry Katona.

Why am I ranting about pay day loan companies and Kerry Katona you ask yourself? Ms Katona is notorious for her spending habits and has been declared bankrupt.

I find this staggering. How can they justify this? The advert is on YouTube, yet comment and ratings have been disabled. How interesting. Methinks that Cash Lady are concerned about the negative feedback they will receive.

I seriously think that Cash Lady need to retract this advert and I think that a major investigation of these pay day lending companies needs to be done. This is immoral promotes debt not “responsible borrowing”.

Starting over…

I am notorious for starting blogs and then leaving them to rot. I begin with the best of intentions and then things take over and I forget and/or become apathetic about their continuation. But I do believe it is important for me to maintain a blog if I can. I have so many random thoughts whizzing around in my head that I need an outlet for them. So here we are. I have a few ideas for much longer posts than this. This is just a lil something to get the ball rolling so to speak. Laters!