What does blogging do for you…

No, really… what does it do for you? I started blogging a couple of years ago, and at first I was very sporadic with my posts. Yet every now and again, I would feel the urge to log in and post something only to loose the urge again.

Then I started to get the urge to post more frequently. I found that I was really enjoying the creative process involved in crafting some words into a blog piece that hopefully at least one piece that one person will enjoy.

I adore writing. Whether it is typing on my blog, writing in my diary or crafting a snail mail letter to a penpal, the simple act of taking the words and shaping them into meaningful sentences that inform or give comfort, or creating food for thought gives me so much pleasure.

It helps me to clears my head and relax. Whether or not lots of people read my words, I feel so much better for having written them all down.

Words are incredible, they truly are. They have so much power and also beauty.

Please do feel free to comment and I’d love it if you shared this piece so I can hear from lots of people. Thank you! 🙂

30 day blog challenge: day 2…

Well here we are with day two of my 30 day blog challenge. Day two’s task is to give you, my lovely readers, twenty facts about me. So here we go…

  1. I am from a small group of islands in the North Sea called Shetland. The island I’m from is known locally as the mainland.
  2. I have two teenage sons, both of whom are autistic.
  3. I am a single parent.
  4. I love the sound of rainfall.
  5. Strong winds remind me of home.
  6. I have some mental health problems.
  7. I refuse to hide away my mental health issues. Stigmatisation must stop.
  8. I am in a wheelchair.
  9. I have several chronic health issues.
  10. I have to take a lot of medication.
  11. I have agoraphobia.
  12. I really hate hot weather, it makes me feel ill.
  13. I hate cooked, slimy onions.
  14. I’m very shy.
  15. I am an avid penpaller. It allows me to be less shy with people.
  16. I have a serious stationery addiction.
  17. Books and reading are a major passion.
  18. I love cherry Coke.
  19. I love Chinese food.
  20. I am a crazy cat lady.

So there we are. Day two all finished. 🙂


2016 weaves its way gently through my door, up my stairs, into my bedroom and then gently caresses my cheek, bringing me into wakefulness.

For just a few precious seconds I don’t feel it. Then, like a paintbrush loaded with black paint being swirled through a glass of clear water it starts to stain my consciousness. The panic and anxiety. They are my constant companions.

As I type, I feel my heart thudding like a drum inside my chest. It scares me. It’s not supposed to be this way.

I hear some unexpected commotion from outside and unconsciously my body decides to expel wave after wave of tears. The panic threatens to overwhelm me. I have to force my mind to focus on the clicking of the keys. This noise is a talisman. It helps me to bring me back to myself.

For just a few more precious seconds, I wish I could be alone… without panic.