Stigmatised by my favourite magazine

Stunningly written piece by a very good friend of mine regarding the damage done to the work that mental health groups and charities to improve the reputation of those of us within society that suffer with a mental health condition. I messaged Psychologies magazine via their FB page and was ratio and polite. I received NO response from them. That is how little they care about the people whom they are stigmatising even further and damaging their reputation even further down the road or almost irreparable damage without ever. Being mentally ill is not shameful or scary. It’s jus us. Who we are. That is why we stand up for those of us who can’t. This was my reply to Northernbird’s original blog post.

“That article literally made my blood boil. Suzy said that she had edited it? How the hell did that bullshit get past her? In other words, she didn’t read it properly and just sent it straight for publishing as it will benefit the magazine’s circulation.
When I left them a one star review on their FB page, which I WISH more people would do, they left me a patronising message trying to tell me what BPD was!!! Erm… I actually have BPD you bunch of inbred dickwads.
Yes, I am angry and hostile towards this magazine and I really couldn’t give a flying fuck if anyone disagrees with me. With their shitty “editing” and desperation to sell more copies, they have bad mouthed every single person with a mental illness. Not just those of us with BPD. We must be one voice and show just how wrong Psychologies magazine are!”

Northern Bird

Far from being click bait, the title of this post is 100% true.

Psychologies is a women’s magazine which focuses on personal development and well being. It publishes articles and dossiers on mindfulness, career and relationship advice as well as discussing anxiety and depression. Sounds great doesn’t it? I thought so to, which is why I subscribed to the magazine at the beginning of the year.

Roll on the August 2018 edition.


This month’s 18 page dossier is all about restoring your energy and how you can rid your life of energy vampires. That’s me.


Let me explain.

I have a mental illness, Borderline Personality Disorder. It is a disabling illness which affects every aspect of my life. Which according to this dossier means I suck all of the energy from my peers, partner and everyone around me. This is not OK.

I have included the email I sent…

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