Unboxing & Review of my Boxcitement Subscription Box – May ’18…

I was super happy when my box arrived. I always look forward to my Boxcitement box as they put everything that they have in to each and every box that they put out. They really do. The theme of this box is “Mono Dramatic”.

First item out of the box was a book mark that was black and white with a simple image of pebbles on it. I was in need of a new book mark, so that was good timing!

Next was a gorgeous white gemstone chip bracelet that has three inter changeable charms on it. You can remove them all and switch around which one you wear or you can wear all three at once if you like.

Then came a unique and novel item called a key keeper. It is in the shape of a large white key and you are supposed to clip your spare keys to it and not lose them in your drawer. I tend to keep all my keys on a key hanger so I will gift this to somebody.

Next out came a small compact mirror with geometric shapes on the back. Again I already have a compact so this will be gifted to someone.

Then came a cute little pencil eraser with the word “Oooooops” on it. Always handy!

Next came a set of three large black and white paper clips.

Then there is a stunning couple of black on white card drawings of a zebra and a cat like people. I’m building up a really good selection of cards, I love it!

Next there is a really gorgeous black and white photo of budding blossom on a tree branch in a white cardboard frame, which will definitely be going on my wall.

Last of all, we have a chunky black notebook with the legend bright ideas on the front. A stationery addict can never have enough notebooks!

A brilliantly put together box as always and a huge thank you to the Boxcitement team! As always, five out of five stars!

Be kind to each other!

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