Unboxing & Review of My May ’18 Treatbox…

A first of the month arrival for this month’s treat box… speedy we are! So let’s get to it with what’s inside!


Everything was really neatly wrapped in gorgeous Spring yellow tissue paper.



The first thing that I got my hands on was a really cute greetings card which said “A Little Something To Brighten Your Day…” on the front and is blank inside. I am loving getting greetings cards, as I’m developing a nice stash that I can choose from as and when needed.



Next comes a Daily Concepts daily exfoliating body scrubber. It’s a nice fit in the palm size and will help get rid of all your dull, dead skin for summer.



Next up comes one of my very favourite things in the whole wide world. Apart from writing letters and stationery. Face masks!!! I love them so much! An Anatomicals strawberry & yarrow face mask which is so perfect for a pamper evening.



Then we get two small bags of coffee from The Little Coffee Bag Co. Two different blends, of which number two is decaffeinated. They say it makes a good bed time drink. I just couldn’t get my head around drinking coffee at bed time. That is what yanks my chain about this. There are enough coffee pods and single serve plastic sachets being dumped in land fill. Why can’t you try and be a bit more ethically sound Treatbox and locate coffee that is not wrapped in plastic.



Next along comes some GNAW strawberry and white chocolate. This looks utterly delicious so I’m going to let my kids have this. Update: they say it’s yummy!



Then comes a cute, small set of daily affirmation cards with the words: calm, breathe, believe and smile.



The last thing out of the box is a canvas shopping bag. Great thinks I, until I actually see what is printed on the bag. “Totes Amaze” Totes a fucking maze??? Shit a brick, I’m 46 not fucking 16!!! Grammar and sentence structure people!



There is also a May Happy checklist calendar.



However, purely for the coffee bag packaging issue, this box only gets 3 out of 5. Sorry Treatbox!


Be kind to each other!x

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