A very quick post…

Oh my gosh!!! I have noticed that my follower count is slowly creeping up. Thank you!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for signing on and being even the slightest bit interested in what I have to say! Thank you all so much. I’m utterly thrilled and incredibly grateful!xxxxxx

Unboxing & Review of My Final Blurt Foundation Buddy Box April ’18…

Well, as I said in my last post about the Buddy Box, this is my last one that I was going to be getting. I’m sure that lots of people like these boxes but they are just not for me. No way. I’ve really tried to get on with them, but they are just not for me. I think I know why. I have five passions in my life: my kids, cats, stationery, Kawaii stuff and yummy snacks – in that order. I genuinely think that is why I get so much more fun out of the stationery, cat and snack themed boxes.

So, here we go. The top of the box was a picture of a bear on a bike juggling lemons I think.

Upon delving into the box, I uncovered the usual two postcards. One of which you can send to people and one of which has the box contents on the back.

The first thing of substance was a big bag of “comfort me” tea bags from the English Tea Shop. They contain chamomile, spearmint,amalki, basil, ginger, vanilla and marjoram (all organic). I’m a bit reluctant to taste this as I’m not a lover of herb teas, I much prefer fruit teas.

Then came a tin of Badger’s organic sleep balm. I was actually super happy with this as I’ve used it before and it really helps. It contains both lavender and bergamot. You just pop some on to your temples at bed time and it really works.

Next comes a sample size sachet of a skin care scrub made from coffee grounds and lemongrass. Allegedly after a sweaty session in the gym this will really pick you up. As I’m in a wheelchair I don’t tend to go to the gym too much. Maybe I’ll be able to use it after trying to put my slippers on in the morning! 😉

Then there’s a block of post it notes which all say on them “three things that are ok for today.” I think the premise here is that you write down here things that you would not normally do in a day. If it is on that post it note, it’s ok for that day. I’m thinking it’s more Netflix/pizza/chocolate type of deal than kill your boss though you know?

Then comes the book. It is an international best seller written by a French guy called Fabrice Midal. The book is called C’est La Vie: The French Art Of Letting Go.

Lastly there is the usual Blurt “zine” which has an adorable Pug picture on. I love pugs so much!

Well so long Buddy Box.

Be kind to each other.x

Unboxing & Review of My March ’18 Blurt Foundation Buddy Box…

For some reason that I just could not put my finger on, I have never really got along with the Buddy Box. I honestly don’t know why but it has never resonated with me like the other subscription boxes that I get have. So this was my next to last box as I just couldn’t carry on with them anymore.

The box lid had a picture of a snail on it. Urgh, not one of my favourite creatures at all.

The first two things I discovered at the top of the box was two picture postcards. One was useable and the other had the contents of the box printed on the back of it.

Next item was a “One step at a time” iron on patch.

Next item was some vanilla rose bath salts which smell utterly wonderful and are very relaxing in the bath.

Then we come to a little DIY pack to make an “instant comfort pocket box” which appears to be a very flimsy little cat face in a matchbox.

Next comes a small booklet called “Make it happen”.

Finally there there is a book called “Just Be You”. The book is full of quotes.

Let us not forget that there is also the little “blurt zine” which focuses on a couple of issues per month.

Sadly I just can’t blend with this box at all, so it’s a bye bye blurt from me when my subscription is up next month.

Be kind to each other.

Unboxing & Review of My February ’18 Underneath The Rowan Trees Box…

I have been a very bad and lazy blogger in recent weeks. No excuses at all. I’ve just let things slide. So here I am trying to catch up. I bought this box after March’s one had arrived as they had a few left in stock and were advertising them. So of course, I swooped on it and grabbed one up. Now this is the February box so I was expecting some hearts and flowers in there…

I love the way that this company present their boxes, they are always so beautifully wrapped. There was no change with this one, none at all.

The first item I found was a gorgeous pink fineliner pen that wrote with black ink. It had a sweet little blue heart at the top of the pen lid.

Next I got a super cute post it pad of hearts. I have a bit of an obsession with cute post it nots so this made me really happy!

Next comes a brightly coloured little wooden butterfly button. I’m not the biggest fan that butterflies ever had so I’m sure I can find someone to give this little guy a home.

Next came a little tube of Love Heart candy sweets! I used to love these so so much when I was a child that I tore into this packet with gay abandon and munched the lot.

Then came a really pretty card that said “Love is all you need” It was blank inside. I already know who I’m sending it to!

The next cute thing was two rolls of washi tape. One with solid gold hearts and one with black outline hearts.

Another gorgeous card with and even more wonderful message on it. Another person in mind right away. 🤣🤣🤣

Next is a super cute little book mark that is shaped like a bouquet of flowers.

Another cute bookmark decorated with the word “love” written across the top of it.

Two little pearlised card heart gift tags were a part of the box.

Next came a cute sheet of heart shaped stickers which have pretty much all already been used up. I’m a sticker fiend!

Finally there was an A5 print with a heart and the words “All you need is love!”

I was super impressed by the volume of stuff that I got from this box. Most definitely a five out of five subscription box!!!

Be kind to each other.x

Unboxing and Review of My April Kawaii Box…

I was super excited this morning when my postman delivered my Kawaii Box subscription box. I settled down to open it up, but as I did, I noticed a weird, petrol like smell coming from the box. I can’t work out which one thing it’s from, so I’m airing out my plushies and getting rid of the stinky box ASAP.

The theme of this month’s Box was Sakura Surprise.

The first item out of the box was a gorgeous big podgy rabbit, called Marucoro Rabbie plushie. He’s a really good sized plushie so it was really great to get him.

Next was an ice cream squishy keychain. It’s very cute but there is nothing to attach it to a keyring with. It can still go in my squishies collection though.

Next is my super cute new Kawaii flamingo pen. It’s huge!

Next I got a Shiba Inu notepad. This notepad turns up at the top to turn the pages as you can see the gold fastener at the top of the book instead of how a normal notebook would turn pages.

I got a roll of cactus hero washi tape, and I can never have enough rolls of washi tape!

Following the washi tape came a gorgeous little Happy Cloud plush charm. I’ve always loved clouds so getting him was great!

A sheet of bento box puffy food stickers came next.

To complete the box, a lovely, good sized bag of Japanese jelly candies! Yum!

All in all, I am super happy with this month’s box apart from the whiffy smell. Despite that, this was definitely a ten out of ten box it really was!

Be kind to each other!x

What a Lonely Life…

I’ve been feeling very lonely recently. Despite the fact that I have people that I can talk to via messenger or WhatsApp I feel so freakin’ lonely it is unreal.

I’m not a person that likes to be with a lot of people physically. I am happy with my family – my manshape (as I call the other half) and my two boys. This is all I need. I don’t need to be surrounded by loud chattering people. I have a condition called misophonia (which I have blogged about before) and being in a loud social situation can be hell for me. I find it so difficult to cope with. I’m a hermit, a loner, a recluse. I just do not blend well with other people, I really don’t.

Yet I love to chat with people online. It’s a great way for me to facilitate a social circle whilst maintaining my privacy and keeping to myself.

I’m severely telephone phobic and can’t bring myself to talk on the phone unless I absolutely have to. The rest of the time, my carer will speak on my behalf. Even looking at the phone which is sitting on a little table at the end of the living room – I can feel my pulse picking up… my anxiety is climbing and I’m starting to panic. I feel safe with my mobile phone because I know inside my head that all it is used for is writing my blog pieces, texting and using WhatsApp. That is my safety blanket with it.

I had to take a break for half an hour in writing this as my anxiety got to be way too bad. My carer has got me upstairs and settled me into bed and I have had a Valium. I’m slowly starting to feel a little more human now. Well, as human as is possible for me (which is not very).

Back to the point of this piece. I’m feeling inexplicably lonely. What is wrong with me? I don’t want to go out and socialise. Agoraphobia and a love of my own company have seen to that. But for some bizarre reason I feel so disconnected from myself and feel like I am in free fall just spinning time and space with nothing to anchor myself to.

I can’t cope with Facebook or Twitter. It is all just too much. I feel overwhelmed by the number of people on there. I don’t feel very together at the moment. Not one bit. I feel very down. Like my bipolar is going into a crash. When that happens, I can’t cope with anything or anybody and I need to hide away. The weird thing is that I still feel lonely and afraid. I know that as my mood gets even lower, then that feeling will slowly dissipate and I will just feel numb and hollow inside. That is all. Nothing else.

I can’t reach out to anyone at all. Life is very regimented for me. Yet another issue – my OCD. I can’t reach out because people just don’t seem to understand just how bad things can get for me and how low down this illness can actually take me. So I guess I shall be lonely all on my own. Thank you very much for reading.

Be kind to each other.x