Unboxing & Reviewing of My Boxcitement Box – April ’18…

Here I am am again with another subscription box review. I’ve really been chasing my tail with these as I had a bit of a bad spell with my depression and was struggling to get anything done. I’m now feeling ashamed of myself and trying to catch up.


So here I am and let’s get to it. As always, the box was beautifully packed and presented. It’s difficult when you are packing so many boxes to be so consistently on the ball with presentation but these guys always get it right. This box was themed around world travel.



First out of the box is a really pretty pair of drop earrings with painted white beads and white tassels. They have been handcrafred and are very well made indeed. Unfortunately they have been made with gold coloured findings so I will not be wearing them. I’m going to make a gift of them. I’m not a lover of anything that is gold coloured jewellery wise at all.



Next comes an awesome pair of mainly red socks with an navy toe and ankle band with white stars on the socks. I tend to prefer over the knee socks but these are cool, they really are.



Next comes a pair of one use chopsticks with a glass chopsticks rest. A handy thing to keep in a travel bag.



Then we get to a soft grey glasses case with a Union Jack in white on one side.



Next came some postcards all with pretty pictures and phrases related to travel on them.



Next up were a pack of very Spanish looking in the style of decoration square stickers. The stickers are quite large so as yet I have no clue what to do with them. There are three in the packet, each one has a different design.



The final item was From Russia with love – it was a wooden, painted Matryoshka doll keyring. I have never liked these things, they freak me the hell out. But I know someone who loves them so I can gift it to her.



Well, I normally love Boxcitement boxes, but this one just didn’t do it for me I’m afraid. Sorry.


A two out of five box.


Be kind to each other.x

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