Unboxing & Review of My Underneath The Rowan Trees Box – May ’18…

I’m working really hard to get caught up with my reviews. After I get caught up with my subscription box reviews I have book reviews and other general posts that I have been working on for a while. I have to thank my depression for slowing me down here. *sigh*


This box is the most recent one and has an absolutely fabulous theme. Dragons! How cool is that??? I was so super happy when I realised the theme. I love dragons.


As always, the box was beautifully presented. Underneath the Rowan Trees have a knack for doing that.



OK, the first item out of the box is a deep red coloured fine liner pen that writes with red ink.



Next comes a silver metallic pen which comes in really handy with the next item in the box!



That is a small notebook that is super pretty. It has black pages inside which are just perfect for the silver ink pen.



Next comes two awesome rolls of washi tape. One light green with dark green scales on and one red with sparkly gold bits on. They look so good together!



After that comes an awesome packet of phases of the moon stickers. These have to be my favourite ever stickers from a subscription box!



Next comes a gold paper clip with a gorgeous little round pendant with shiny red and gold scales on it.



Then there is a set of crystals shaped sticky notes. I have a thing for sticky notes at the moment so this made me really happy.



Next was a stunning A5 red dragon picture. I need to get a frame for this and get it on my wall as soon as I possibly can!



Then came the ubiquitous print out of the calendar month which I do not need so it goes straight in the recycling.



The final thing was an absolutely stunning colour in picture of a dragon. Once I have coloured this, I will be framing it and I know exactly who it shall be gifted to.



As always, a fabulous five out of five star box!


Be kind to each other.x

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