Unboxing & Review of My Boxcitement Box – May ’18…

This month’s Boxcitement box comes to me after I made the decision to quit Boxcitement. That decision lasted all of about a week. I crumbled and went back to them. They were really nice and even wrote me a little note saying thank you for coming back which they popped in my box. I was really touched by that.

The box was beautifully presented as always and this always makes me smile. I squealed like crazy when I opened it as this month’s theme was Scandimainia! I have been obsessed with all things Scandinavian ever since I was a little girl which has not changed to this day.

First out of the box is a foldaway navy blue shopping bag with a gorgeous white design on. This bag is ideal as it will fold down and fit into handbags. When unfolded it is a really good size too.

Next along is my absolute favourite thing out of any subscription box ever. If you are reading this you will probably think I’m crazy for this. Well yes, you’re right, I am. But that is a whole other blog post. This is “no plastic, fantastic!” – a set of four plastic free, very sturdy drinking straws. I really cannot praise Boxcitement enough for this. This world is being slowly smothered by plastic and the oceans are being filled with it. The more people that become aware of these paper straws and get used to using them the better. Oh, while I’m here – start refusing plastic lids on your beverages too.

Then comes a really cute silver coloured badge. It has a chilled out looking bunny in sunglasses on it and the word LAGOM underneath it which apparently means “Just Right” in Swedish.

Next comes a really cute little green box with an owl on the lid. Inside we find a really sweet little owl on a silver chain. I love this necklace!

Then we have, inside a rough canvas bag a hand made fox ear phone tidy. I absolutely love this! It’s too cute!

Next we have a set of four Scandinavian inspired greetings cards and I’m super happy with all of them.

Finally we have some Scandinavian inspired gift wrap. I’m not quite sure who to use that for yet.

I absolutely love love love this box I really do! I can’t praise it enough. A most definite five out of five star box!

Be kind to each other.x

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