The Unboxing & Review of My Underneath The Rowan Trees Subscription Box – March ’18…

Here I am again with another one of my very favourite stationery boxes, Underneath The Rowan Trees always do superb boxes every time as they deal with one of my favourite items – washi tape! 🙂

So we begin this box with the usual beautiful packaging.

The first item was a gorgeous hand made gift tag made up of a larger tag and a smaller one tied together. The tags are a gorgeous natural looking colour and have really pretty leaves stamped on to both tags.

Next up – yay for the washi tape! This one was was very plant inspired with gorgeous big green leaves on it. The leaves reminded me of the leaves that my mum’s pride and joy had on which was a big Swiss cheese plant.

Then came another washi tape and this one is a gorgeous shiny gold colour.

Next came a leaf pin which was again very much shaped like the leaves on my mum’s plant so this shall be very special to me.

Then came a pen (always useful to an avid letter writer!) The pen is a twist up one in a pretty shade of green with crystals at the bottom of the pen.

Next we had a sturdy wooden 15 centimetre ruler which will certainly help me when I’m trying to keep lines straight.

Then came a small box that contained various really pretty leaf stickers. Stickers are like washi tape! *drools*

Next came a really cute dark green stained wooden leaf pendant on a little clip. As much as I love this, I know the perfect person to gift it to.

Next came a gorgeous little blank sheet note book, that opened from bottom to top. It will be really useful for keeping in my bag so I can jot down things I want to tell certain people in my next letter to them. My foggy brain makes me forget.

Then came a stunning A5 card with a big print of a leaf on it. Again I immediately know who will be get getting this card.

Then came the pointless calendar print out for the month? I have a wall calendar and diary so this goes straight into the recycling bin.

Finally, I got a really pretty A5 sheet of paper that is covered with a gorgeous leaf print. I will most definitely be saving this for a special project.

A five out of five star box!

Be kind to each other.x

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