Unboxing & Review of My Very First Sugar & Sloth Subscription Box – April ’18…

This box was suggested to me by a very dear friend who is going to end up getting slapped with a wet haddock if she doesn’t stop finding ways for me to spend my money aren’t you my dear? 😜🀣🀣

The Sugar and Sloth box arrived and I wasn’t expecting there to be anywhere near as much content as Boxcitement for imagine. I was right. But the things were still very cute indeed. The tape around the box was a gorgeous and very cute watermelon tape. I loved it! πŸ™‚

The first item was a cut out and keep panda desk buddy. He was very small and really quite flimsy. I could really see it getting tatty and battered very quickly unfortunately.

Next came a super cute sticker! It said “Ain’t no party like a panda party”. It’s a fairly large sticker so I’m still deciding where to use it!

Then came along a badge with a smiling fox on and the logo “takeaway connoisseur”. I am definitely one of those! A very cute badge indeed.

Finally came the deluxe enamel pin that bore the words “freaking cute deluxe enamel pin”. The pin was of a very cute panda holding on to a slice of pizza. I loved it.

A four out of five here. Not bad for a first review.

Be kind to each other.x

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