Unboxing & Review of My Papergang Box – April ’18…

The Papergang box arrived several days ago and has been sitting very patiently awaiting my review like several of my other boxes. I’ve been shamefully lazy with my blogging recently and I feel ashamed of myself, I really do!

The outer sleeve of this box is a very bright splash of different colours. Blues, purples, greens, bright pink and yellow. Once that sleeve is off and we are into the box, we can dig for the treasures hidden within.

First of all there was a brightly coloured A5 calendar card for the month of June. I don’t honestly have a lot of use for this as I have both a wall calendar and a diary.

Next comes a bright orange pad of post it notes that had been designed by the artists from Art House.

Then comes my favourite thing – a roll of washi tape that has the same dog design that the post-it notes have on them.

Next there two greetings cards. The first one says Happy Days, and the other one says Thank You, You Shouldn’t Have, But I’m Glad You Did.

Last comes a very substantial notebook that has the same colours as the outer sleeve of the packaging. It’s slightly more than A5 size and came with a sheet of. Islet journal stickers inside which I promptly binned because I don’t bullet journal. I shall definitely be using the note book though!

The only thing that really isn’t useful to me out of this box is the calendar card. For me they could save a tree and cut those out.

A very brief explanation for those who don’t know, Art House are an organisation that helps get disabled people into art and I believe that Papergang are donating money from the sale of each box to the organisation.

This was a nice combination of stationery treats. I especially loved the washi tape!

A four out of five box!

Be kind to each other.x

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