An Unboxing & Review of My Bokksu Japanese Snack Box – April ’18…

I seem to have developed somewhat of an obsession for my Bokksu snack boxes and this is only the second one that I have had. When I got the email that the box was on its way I was doing the happy butt wiggle dance (being wheelchair bound means that is about the only dance that I can manage!) 🙂

OK, let’s get stuck in to this box. As always the beautiful red and white square box is an indicator of all the yumminess inside. I was thrilled to see that the theme of this month’s box was blossoming spring. When I think blossoms, my mind always thinks of Sakura blossoms. They are my favourite flower after sunflowers and cherries are my all time favourite fruit, followed by plums.

The card that had the details of each item had a gorgeous picture of Sakura blossom on the front. Happy me!

First item inside is Sakura love tea. With an amazing aroma of fresh cherries, this naturally sweet and delicate tea is perfect for spring. The tea is utterly delicious. Two bags wasn’t enough!

Next comes the baked chocolate strawberry. With strawberry bits baked into the batter, this fluffy and rich chocolate is baked to perfection and melts in your mouth with every bite. These had a big of a merengue texture so although the taste was good, the texture threw me off just a little bit, it really did. There were two of these.

The next item was Sakura Shrimp Kakimochi. Airy and crisp, this puffed up mochi has a delicate flavour from the added sakuraebi, a type of Japanese shrimp famed for it’s translucent pink colour. No. JUST NO!!! I do not do fish in any way shape or form. However I gave them both to my 17 year old son who reliably informed me the were were “well lush!”

Next up were hand baked butter senbei. This rice cracker has a rich buttery flavour that balances beautifully with this month’s delicate tea paring. There were two of these. This senbei is extra special because each piece is hand baked by a craftsman who runs his own small shop in Tokyo. Really really tasty!

The next piece of yumminess was the ume sable. This ume flower shaped sable contains finely chopped plum and shisho (perilla) leaves. The fruity sourness of the plum compliments nicely with the sweet taste of the butter cookie. I wish there had been more than two.

Next comes a big box of Pocky double strawberry. Pocky double strawberry is a luxurious and seasonally limited Pocky. This beautifully chunky Pocky has a thicker, creamier coating of strawberry cheesecake on a short chocolate cookie stick. These really were very yummy indeed!

The next item of deliciousness was the spring rice crackers. These cute crackers are shaped like spring flowers and come in a variety of flavours including sour plum, matcha, purple sweet potato, shrimp, turmeric, salt, chilli pepper and light soy sauce! Thanks to the presence of Shrimp these were again a no no but son said they were yummy!

Next comes suppa mucho stick sour plum. These crispy potato sticks are seasoned with a tangy sour plum seasoning. Salty, sweet and sour all in one bite, they’re absolutely addictive! This little packet of bad boys just should not have worked. But the reality is that they were bloody delicious they really were!

Next up was the white strawberry. Each strawberry is first freeze dried and then soaked in white chocolate, giving it the perfect balance of soft and crunchy. There were two of these and I really did enjoy them.

Next up were the Sakura chocolate crepes. This crispy crepe is rolled up and entombed in a sweet floral chocolate. It is as light and delicate as the Sakura flowers it’s flavoured with. Three bars of yumminess here.

The last item in the box was the Sakura rusk. Twice baked in the oven with Sakura butter, you will enjoy the mild floral hint of cherry blossoms in this delicate baguette slice. Salted Sakura petals are mixed into the butter, which is why you can see small Sakura flakes on top. There were three of these and I absolutely loved them!

Yet again, Bokksu have delivered a fabulous box of much deliciousness to my door and I am already eagerly awaiting box number three!!!

A five out of five score for this box!

Be kind to each other.x

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