Unboxing & Review of My March ’18 Blurt Foundation Buddy Box…

For some reason that I just could not put my finger on, I have never really got along with the Buddy Box. I honestly don’t know why but it has never resonated with me like the other subscription boxes that I get have. So this was my next to last box as I just couldn’t carry on with them anymore.

The box lid had a picture of a snail on it. Urgh, not one of my favourite creatures at all.

The first two things I discovered at the top of the box was two picture postcards. One was useable and the other had the contents of the box printed on the back of it.

Next item was a “One step at a time” iron on patch.

Next item was some vanilla rose bath salts which smell utterly wonderful and are very relaxing in the bath.

Then we come to a little DIY pack to make an “instant comfort pocket box” which appears to be a very flimsy little cat face in a matchbox.

Next comes a small booklet called “Make it happen”.

Finally there there is a book called “Just Be You”. The book is full of quotes.

Let us not forget that there is also the little “blurt zine” which focuses on a couple of issues per month.

Sadly I just can’t blend with this box at all, so it’s a bye bye blurt from me when my subscription is up next month.

Be kind to each other.

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