Unboxing & Review of My February ’18 Underneath The Rowan Trees Box…

I have been a very bad and lazy blogger in recent weeks. No excuses at all. I’ve just let things slide. So here I am trying to catch up. I bought this box after March’s one had arrived as they had a few left in stock and were advertising them. So of course, I swooped on it and grabbed one up. Now this is the February box so I was expecting some hearts and flowers in there…

I love the way that this company present their boxes, they are always so beautifully wrapped. There was no change with this one, none at all.

The first item I found was a gorgeous pink fineliner pen that wrote with black ink. It had a sweet little blue heart at the top of the pen lid.

Next I got a super cute post it pad of hearts. I have a bit of an obsession with cute post it nots so this made me really happy!

Next comes a brightly coloured little wooden butterfly button. I’m not the biggest fan that butterflies ever had so I’m sure I can find someone to give this little guy a home.

Next came a little tube of Love Heart candy sweets! I used to love these so so much when I was a child that I tore into this packet with gay abandon and munched the lot.

Then came a really pretty card that said “Love is all you need” It was blank inside. I already know who I’m sending it to!

The next cute thing was two rolls of washi tape. One with solid gold hearts and one with black outline hearts.

Another gorgeous card with and even more wonderful message on it. Another person in mind right away. 🤣🤣🤣

Next is a super cute little book mark that is shaped like a bouquet of flowers.

Another cute bookmark decorated with the word “love” written across the top of it.

Two little pearlised card heart gift tags were a part of the box.

Next came a cute sheet of heart shaped stickers which have pretty much all already been used up. I’m a sticker fiend!

Finally there was an A5 print with a heart and the words “All you need is love!”

I was super impressed by the volume of stuff that I got from this box. Most definitely a five out of five subscription box!!!

Be kind to each other.x

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