Unboxing and Review of My April Kawaii Box…

I was super excited this morning when my postman delivered my Kawaii Box subscription box. I settled down to open it up, but as I did, I noticed a weird, petrol like smell coming from the box. I can’t work out which one thing it’s from, so I’m airing out my plushies and getting rid of the stinky box ASAP.

The theme of this month’s Box was Sakura Surprise.

The first item out of the box was a gorgeous big podgy rabbit, called Marucoro Rabbie plushie. He’s a really good sized plushie so it was really great to get him.

Next was an ice cream squishy keychain. It’s very cute but there is nothing to attach it to a keyring with. It can still go in my squishies collection though.

Next is my super cute new Kawaii flamingo pen. It’s huge!

Next I got a Shiba Inu notepad. This notepad turns up at the top to turn the pages as you can see the gold fastener at the top of the book instead of how a normal notebook would turn pages.

I got a roll of cactus hero washi tape, and I can never have enough rolls of washi tape!

Following the washi tape came a gorgeous little Happy Cloud plush charm. I’ve always loved clouds so getting him was great!

A sheet of bento box puffy food stickers came next.

To complete the box, a lovely, good sized bag of Japanese jelly candies! Yum!

All in all, I am super happy with this month’s box apart from the whiffy smell. Despite that, this was definitely a ten out of ten box it really was!

Be kind to each other!x

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