Unboxing And Reviewing My March Birchbox…

Oh dear. Oh dearie dearie me. I’m so so disappointed by this box I really am. The last one gave me a light feeling of disappointment but I thought that I would give it a second chance. I can honestly say that I wish that I had saved my ten pounds. It was shit.

The outside box was it’s only redeeming feature. It was a lovely blue colour and had a mandala on the top of the box. I loved that and will be keeping the box to use for storage.

The first item that I found was the free item from last month, that we had to choose. A peel off blaq mask or a set of eye bag rest on face masks. I chose the blaq eye masks. Not only did I feel like I had a used fucking condom under each eye, I had an allergic reaction to them. Not a happy bunny Birchbox. #epicfail

Then came the other products. A trial size spray from a company called Thisworks. It is a deep sleep pillow spray. It is simply sprayed onto your pillow at night and it smells of gorgeous lavender which is one of the best known essential oils to help you get to sleep. I wouldn’t invest in a plastic bottle of this overpriced stuff though. Much cheaper to get yourself a bottle of lavender essential oil and pop a couple of drops of that on your pillow instead.

The next item was a sample size of Benefit’s Bad Girl BANG mascara. It was ok, but I honestly prefer the Wunder2 mascara. That really does give a longer lash effect. Sorry Benefit.

Next comes “Beauty Protector” Protect and Volumise hair spray. Now I don’t use products like this on my hair as my hair is very long and spends its life in a plait. However, the friend that I gave it to said that it smelled ok but she really wouldn’t buy it again as there are cheaper products out there that do the same job.

Next product was a full sized Laqa and Co pale pink blush highlighter. I popped a bit on the back of my hand but you can barely see the product on the skin. I’m not a puce pink kind of girl and I prefer powders to cremes. Sorry.

I will give this box a 1 out of ten and say that I was so bitterly disappointed by the box that my subscription has been cancelled. Sorry Birchbox.

Be kind to eachother.x

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