Unboxing and Review of My Kawaii Box – Feb ’18

I have to confess to being a massive stationery and sticker addict. I am an avid penpaller and in all reality probably have enough stationery to last me three lifetimes. However, when I see something cute, my will crumbles and I have to buy.

Falling in love with stationery with characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody and Cinnamoroll lead to me discovering the world of Kawaii. Characters like Guadetama the Lazy Egg – I love him! Mamegoma the seal is adorable too!

So, browsing the internet one night, I stumbled across the Kawaii Box monthly subscription box. Oh my word, cuteness! A box stuffed with Kawaii treasures that you would find hard to find in countries such as Scotland (aye, that’s where I bide).

I should stress at this point that the box was paid for by myself. Should you wish to take up the subscription, you can click this link for all the information that you could need. https://www.kawaiibox.com/subscribe/

So, this box arrived and my postman who already thinks I’m a crazy cripple (try explaining agoraphobia and a wheelchair to a Polish student who doesn’t have two words of English to rub together.) He has a really annoying habit of consistently ringing the door bell. I’m really upset by this as we have a sign to for postmen explaining that a disabled woman likes here and please could you give her time as she needs at least five minutes to get to the front door. But no. They have to send me a guy who isn’t able to read my note ( not his fault, it’s his bosses for giving him that route after my complaint about that from the last postman) and make sure that I’m on the verge of tears by constantly ringing the bell. My tears soon dried when I saw my fabulous Kawaii box!

The box itself is rather small, which is not at all what I was expecting, but that didn’t bother me one little bit.

Upon lifting the lid, I found the most adorable tissue paper and a card with little Kawaii Easter eggs on it and the words “Kawaii Easter” on it. The other side of the card had a list of items that the box contained. I took a picture so you could see the layout of the card but deliberately didn’t look so my surprise wouldn’t be spoilt by peeping.

Upon peeling back the tissue paper I saw the most gorgeous array of cuteness! Oh my gosh, I’m in love!

Sadly, I was able to only identify the first item out of the box as I’ve seen them before. It was a “make your own jelly sweets kit”. The sad part? ALL of the instructions are in Japanese and I can’t read a word of them. Plus they will contain gelatine which I won’t eat. Item one is a miss.

Onto item two. A really super cute little sheep style pencil eraser. I write a lot in pencil at home in an effort to cut down my plastic usage so I’ll definitely use that. I love it!

Next comes a really gorgeous packet of thin but quite tall envelopes with pictures of animals heads on them. I love them. Be aware though, if you have never used Japanese envelopes before that they don’t have adhesive on the sealing flap. You can use and adhesive seal but I prefer to use some tape for that job. Oh deco tape! 😍😍😍 I love it so

Next item is an amazing one sheet of stickers of a cute creature who appears to be a whale. They are from San-X and named Jinbei-San. I love them so much!

For our next item we find a Guadetama the Lazy Egg little plushie. It’s about 4cms high and so stinkin’ cute it is adorabale! It’s an Easter version of the plushie. I love it!

Next thing to pick up was a totally adorable little rucksack. Like a purse style size. It had the legend Just Eat It and a little bit of cartoon sushi pictured.

Ok, next is a super cute kitty pen. As a crazy cat person, that was great for me. The cat is wide eyed neko and it is a ball point.

Our next item is a Hello Kitty folding ruler. It is 30 cms long when unfolded and has half a cute scalloped edge and some shapes to use as stencils.

The last item is a “cute earplugs kit”. Really? It’s in a small, circular tub with a green sticky face on there. The ear plugs are plain black and very squishy indeed. I cannot see them being used.

So, there you have it. A totally adorable and very Kawaii box of treats that I love all apart from the gummy candy & the ear plugs. Worth every penny. You do get the opportunity to enter for a chance at a reward if you introduce a friend too!

An eight out of ten performance for my first Kawaii Box. I will definitely get another one to see what is in there.

Be kind to each other.x

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