Unboxing and Reviewing of my Under The Rowan Trees Subscription Box – Feb ’18…

This box arrived the same day as My Boxcitement box, but as I explained in the post about that box, I had some issues with my children and they have to come first.

However, here I am now, to talk about the beautifully named Under The Rowan Trees Subscription Box. The box was a nice slim white box that had a really pretty personalised company stamp on it. Rowan trees mean a great deal to me, so finding this subscription box was a stroke of luck in my eyes!

I must stress here that the box was not free. It was purchased by my partner as a birthday gift.

Should you want to know more about subscription boxes and everything else this fabulous little company do, you can find it here… https://undertherowantrees.org/

As I said, the top of the box is decorated with a very pretty little stamp. I loved it.

The box’s contents were prettily wrapped in purple tissue paper with a sticker bearing the company logo.

Upon first peeling back the tissue paper, I found a stunning iridescent sequinned pencil case. There were black sequins, and depending on which way you tilt the case, the sequins appear either blue or green. I’ve done my best to capture it in the photo.

Then we find a diary page for the month of March. It has a very pretty under the sea type of picture along the bottom of it.

Next come two gorgeous A5 sized pieces of deco paper that could be used for many things. The first one is almost see through and has an under the sea theme to it. The second piece has mermaid scales on it. We also get a sheet of six round stickers that are mermaid scales coloured in blue, pink and purple with black outlines.

I then find a gorgeous clear mermaid sticker that I haven’t decided what to do with yet. She will be going somewhere very special I know that.

Then comes a gorgeous iridescent pen that is twist on/twist off and has falling glitter at the end of the barrel.

There is a gorgeous purple (favourite colour folks!) mermaid stamped onto a buff brown piece of card. Now you could use her as a gift tag but uh-uh, no way! She is going to become my new book mark. Sorry trusty old Tesco’s receipt. You are going to be replaced. It’s not you, it is me. Defiantly! 😉

Next comes an iridescent pink/green/blue dolphin shaped paper clip. Too cute! There is also a gold coloured bulldog style clip that has pink material on it with a gold mermaid on. Then we find a white mermaid shaped charm and I’m not quite sure where she is going yet.

The final two items of the box are two gorgeous rolls of washi tape. One has slanting lines going all the way around in changing colours of gold, pink, green and blue. The other roll is all colour and no gaps. It melts in between the same four colours and it looks absolutely stunning!

I love, love, loved this box! I have always had a soft spot for mermaids and this box found its way into my heart. Thank you so much to all the staff at Under the Rowan Tree!

A ten out of ten subscription box!

4 thoughts on “Unboxing and Reviewing of my Under The Rowan Trees Subscription Box – Feb ’18…

  1. I’ve just stumbled over your review whilst looking at how people find my website. I’m so glad you loved it! The bull dog clip with the elastic works as a pen holder when clipped to your notebook. 🙂

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