Unboxing and Review of My Boxcitement Subscription Box – Feb ’18…

This box arrived the other day. I’ve had things going on with my children so apologies for my lack of presence for the last couple of days. I have two boxes to review, so I’m going to choose to review this one first. The Boxcitement subscription box can be taken up as a one off, or at £18 a month. If you take up a longer subscription, then the prices can be even cheaper still. You can find all the information that you need about it here… http://boxcitement.co.uk


I must stress that I have not been given this box for free. It has been paid for my myself.


The boxcitement box was quite thin. It looked really cool as it had some worded tape placed around the box in the way that we used to tie parcels up with string. The box was white and the tape a buff brown colour. It had the words “boxcitement consignment” all the way around the tape. Excuse the pyramid of colourful cats, that was covering my address.



Upon opening it, there were no distinctive smells or perfumes. Inside the box was wrapped prettily with white embossed tissue paper and a boxcitement sticker.



Stuck to the top of the inside lid was a card with the words “Happy Go Lucky” printed on the front. I removed it but deliberately didn’t look as I didn’t want my surprise to be spoiled as I dug into the box.



The first thing I found was a “happy habits” planner card. This had some tips on the back of things that might make you happy and on the front there is a month’s long planner for you to mark off certain things that you have done each day.



The first thing I found in there was a fabric purse with the phrase “Today is a Good Day” on it.


There was a handy small tin that can be reused for storage or as a gift container for someone else (I’m all about upcycling!) and inside the tin is a long cord wrap around bracelet which I will have to gift to someone as I am vegan. It’s very cute though.



Then there are two greetings cards in there. One that says “Happy Birthday” and the other says “Could be Worse”. Both are blank inside.



A pack of three pencils for use however you please. I prefer writing in pencil as it means we are reducing the amount of plastic we are using.



There is an A6 notebook that isn’t particularly large but can be used as a notebook. I might keep mine by my bed. Sometimes I think of things when I’m half asleep and never remember them when awake! It’s bullet journal style paper but so what. I can use it for notes.



Finally there is a cute little “Happy as a Lamb” pin to wear. He is limited edition for this box only and he’s very sweet.



The boxcitement staff are fabulous and very helpful. A gorgeously well put together subscription box! I can’t wait to see the next one!

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