Unboxing and Review of MyPurrfectGiftBox – Feb ’18…

I have to say, as a card carrying, certified crazy cat lady I was seriously anxious to get this box. After my last few attempts with boxes and feeling let down by one or two things (or everything in the last box) then I was really hoping this one would be better. Well, D’OH!!! It’s cats silly woman! I really should have known!

I have not received this gift box for free, it has been paid for by myself.

If you are interested in the details for these incredible boxes, then go to http://www.mypurrfectgiftbox.com

The outer box is a gorgeous deep purple and presented really well. Upon opening the gift box it was beautifully wrapped in deep purple tissue paper, with a white ribbon in a bow, and a tag with my name on. Now that is personalisation that I have not seen in any of the other boxes that I have had.

Upon opening the parcel up, a gorgeous smell wafted up to meet me, but I didn’t quite know where it was coming from. The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous pamphlet telling me about this month’s box. The theme is Hygge Cat and the pamphlet explains all about what that means. I won’t write it all out here so you can enjoy reading it when you get one.

The other parts of the pamphlet tell you what you have in the box, where the items came from and their RRPs, and also, if you choose to, you can pay more and get some treats for your cat included. Now I know my moggy. He is a very fussy eater and will only eat one specific brand of treats, about the charity the box is supporting and on the back it gives us a sneak peak at next month’s theme.

The first thing that I noticed are the incredible snuggly cat socks. They are so soft and lovely, they make your feet feel like you are walking on a cloud. I used to call socks like these “bed socks” when I was a little girl. The socks are white and have little black ears at the top and the face underneath. As you turn the socks over you see some black spots, like cat markings. I’ve got my socks on now. I love, love, LOVE them. Oh, have mentioned how I really like these socks?

The next gift is an amazing rolling pin with a difference. This rolling pin has kitties indented all over it. The idea is that you roll out your pastry with an ordinary rolling pin and then when you have the thickness that you want, gently roll the kitty pin over the pastry and hey presto! You have kitty pastry! It’s just too cute!

The next item is a brilliant little free gift (hey, who doesn’t love free stuff right?) of a cat head biscuit cutter. I love it!

Next comes an adorable, really substantially sized cushion cover. I would measure it for you but my tape measure has gone missing (looks at children) so I’m guessing 16×16 inches which is roughly 40×40 cms (I’m guessing here) and the verse printed on the cushion cover is just one of my favourite cat poems ever. I now need to buy a cushion insert. That cushion is getting pride of place on my bed!

The fabulous smell! I have located the source. A handmade piece of cocoa butter and vanilla soap. It’s in a small canvas drawstring bag with a picture of a kitty on.

Yet more gorgeousness! Out comes an A5 notebook and pen. The notebook says “All you need is love” and of course has a kitty picture on the front.

What makes me happy is that there was no plastic padding inside this box and they used scraps of crinkled paper. All the cardboard inner packaging and also the cardboard of the notebook looked recycled, and the pen with the book has a cardboard barrel! YES mypurtfect cat box! You have done good things there!

As if you could not already tell, then I will just gently remind you all – I LOVE THIS GIFT BOX!!! Every single item was just wonderful and I loved it! I shall definitely be getting this box again!

Be kind to yourselves and each other.x

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