Unboxing and Review of My Papergang Subscription Box – Feb ’18…

So yesterday saw the arrival of my eagerly awaited Papergang stationery subscription box. Anyone who knows me will tell you just how much of a stationery nut I am and I’m anybody’s for a new notebook and some stickers! šŸ˜œšŸ˜œšŸ˜œI really am. I stress at this point that the box was not provided by Papergang, it was purchased for me by a friend.


The box was very thin and arrived in a very bright neon pink sleeve. Of all the colours Papergang, why neon pink? I know I’m an 80’s girl but that colour gives me a monstrous headache. Plus the fact that I do not like pink. At all! *sigh* Still, Papergang didn’t know that I don’t like pink, and many more people do than don’t, so I have to suck it up and just accept that sometimes there will be pink. It happens right? On the back of the outer sleeve, there was a cut out bookmark that you could stick together back to back to create a firmer, more solid bookmark. Perhaps a fun project for younger kids to do once the shapes have been cut out.



Now on to the actual box itself. It is very thin as I said. It probably measures around 2cms deep, 30 cms across and 16 cms long. Upon opening, I was really happy with how beautifully it was wrapped up in pale blue tissue paper and couldn’t wait to get my grubby little hands on its contents!.


Once you are into the box, you have your hands on all of your lovely gifts. There is on the top of the package, an iron on patch of the Papergang mascot, Drew. You can use the #papergang to post on Instagram to show off how you have used him.



Then it’s into the tissue. Ah. Pink… lots more bright neon pink. Cue massive headache. *sigh* But I am here to talk about the box not whinge about my headache.


The theme of this month’s box is bullet journaling. Ah. Something I have never done nor ever really wanted to do sadly. At the top of the box there is a very slim A6 pamphlet that contains not only a list of the contents but some very brief and limited information about bullet journalling. I think you’d definitely need to pursue more information online before making a start.


You get a piece of card with April’s calendar on. I don’t really get that at all. It’s February?



The star of the box is a reasonably thick A5 sized bullet journal. Bright neon pink cover. I’m going to upcycle this book to make sure it doesn’t get wasted. It has the standard dot grid pages that you would expect a bullet journal to have. It has an RRP of Ā£6.95 on the website.



Next comes a bright, neon pink ruler. It comes marked in centimetres only and measures up to 17cms long. The RRP of this item is Ā£2.95.



We then come to an A5 sized, neon pink “zip bag” Its a big pencil case guys. Call it what it is!!! šŸ˜œšŸ˜œšŸ˜œ It has the sliding “zip loc” style of opening. I mist admit that it would an awful lot of stuff inside. The RRP is Ā£3.95.



Then come a set of three neon coloured pencils… pink, yellow and green. I’ve done my best to get colour swatches for you. The pencils retail at Ā£2.95.



The is one pack of what I think are various stickers that can be used when you are creating your bullet journal. They would retail at Ā£3.95.



My absolute favourite of the box however is a “Little Miss Scatterbrain” greetings card. I LOVE this card!!! The card is blank inside. I already have the biggest thing for Mr Men and Little Miss characters. The Mr Men especially were huge to me. I had all of the books as a child and I would sit all my teddies around and tell them all story after story. Before too long, I knew every Mr Man story I had. Mr Bump and My Messy were my favourites. The cards RRP is Ā£2.50.





So, there you go. I’m sorry to be such a Debbie Downer about this box. I cannot reasonably expect to like the colour and contents every single time I get a box. I’m sure bullet journallers will be thrilled to receive this box. Me? I’m going to by awaiting March’s box with eager curiosity.

Be kind to each other.x

6 thoughts on “Unboxing and Review of My Papergang Subscription Box – Feb ’18…

  1. northernbird84

    Iā€™d like to know where they get some of these RRPs from! Would anyone really pay Ā£2.95 for a 6inch ruler?
    I agree with you lovely. That colour is too much!! Xxx

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