A Review on My Latest Lush purchases…

Well dear readers. This was the time that I decided that I was really going to make an uber conscious effort to look after my skin. As I have slightly sensitive skin, but not too bad, I wanted to try a brand of skin care that would not only care for my skin in a kind and environmentally way but would also smell the dogs doodah’s 🤣🤣🤣

So what was the choice then?

Without any shadow of a doubt I knew right away that I would be going to none other than the amazing, the incredible Lush!!! (Damn, I should be on some kind of commission here!) 🤣🤣🤣 But all joking aside, Lush have always wowed me with just how amazing their products are. The only little downside is glitter and bits stuck into the bathbombs. It just means that will go down into the ocean. Day-um Lush, you smell good enough without any of that crap. You don’t need it!!! My favourite Lush bath item is a melting marshmallow moment which you just plop into a hot bath and climb in there to be transported on a smell of wonderfulness. I also love snow fairy shower gel. Its like a melting marshmallow bomb to make you smell ooooooooh pretty. I buy about three bottles a year when it is released as it only ever comes out at Christmas. Hold up… I’m not supposed to be talking about melting bath bombs and marshmallow smelling ones at that! I’m supposed to talking about my ravaged skin and what I’m doing with it.

All items are from Lush and all are financed by myself.

The hands have it..

Well, they did in this case! I woke up one morning and looked at back of my right hand looked really dry skinned. It looks like injuries that have healed and the surrounding skin has gone a little to wrinkled. The left isn’t far behind.

So for my hands I chose Helping Hands. This stuff is a blessing. If you look at their website they openly admit that they created the cream with nurses in mind. As a nurse who has developed a latex allergy through over exposure and who’s hands will crack and bleed whenever they get dry. I always used to get Diprobase from my GP but this time around, I just wanted to try something that was non chemical and heavy duty, as my hands are, 75% of the time, awful. So, Heavy Duty here we come! There is honey, lavender, chamomile and marigold, linseed, almond butter, cocoa butter and shea butter. All of this mixed together to create the most wonderful smelling cream! It looked like I had new skin within minutes of using it! I will advise you is not to put any on if you meet to hold a pen in the next ten minutes. It is so rich, it does take a little time to soak in. But I love, love, LOVE, this hand cream and it gets a definite 8/10. It costs £8.25 for 100g so it’s a real bargain. Please trust me when I tell you that you need only the tiniest amount and it goes for miles!

On to the face…

This was the main subject of my little self care project. I have to slap my skin into shape before  wrinkles invade and my face looks like it needs plowing not moisturising!

To start off, I needed to choose a darn good cleanser. I’ve always had a bit of a thing about beauty and make up products smelling good, so it had to be Lush’s Let The Good Times Roll. It has the most amazing buttery popcorn smell you want to stick your finger in the pot and eat it instead of putting it near your face. It is really simple to use. You need take a piece of the cleanser, probably the size of a sprout in the palm of your hand and then add a couple of drops of water at a time until you can mix it into a paste. Then run the paste all over your face and neck whilst avoiding your mouth and eyes. When you are ready, rinse it off with warm water and pat your face dry. As soon as I have dried my face, I can feel my skin, especially on my cheeks tighten up and feel fresher. I do have to resist the urge not to lick my face though! Oh my it smells sooooooo good!!! A definite 10/10 on this one! It costs £7.50 for 100g and is worth every penny.

So, from cleanser to toner and sticking with Lush here comes Eau Roma Water. This is like a kiss in a spray bottle for sensitive skin. It has rose water which is excellent to calm and reduce redness while lavender water calms and softens the skin. It is £9.50 for 250g and you only need to spray a small amount to go a long way. A 9/10 product here!

Finally we move onto the serious business of moisturiser. The boss bitch of any make up routine! Given that concern over my increasingly ageing skin was the reason I started with this little self care routine, I wanted to be sure that I got the right one for me. So I read the website carefully and also looked at other people’s views of the moisturisers and finally I decided upon Imperialis. My skin can be greasy one day, then bright red, dry and itchy the next day. It really does not know what it wants to do sometimes. This cream is exactly right for me! It has lavender, St.John’s Wort, sweet violet, sunflower, elderflower and mullein which help to balance, restore and calm the skin. It’s another one of these miracle creams that you only need a tiny bit of and it just goes forever! I love it so much! I cleansed, toned and moisturised at 10am this morning and my face is still amazingly smooth! It costs £15.95 for 45g. A definite 10/10 product!

One other thing that I love about Lush is that they take all of their plastic back and reuse it, so it stays in the same cycle and out of landfill. Brilliant!

It seems somewhat crazy that such a simple thing as cleaning your skin in the morning could have such a positive impact on your mood. But self care is one of the most important things anyone who has a mental health issue can do. Care for you. Not everyone else. You matter!!!

Well, I guess that is all for now dear readers. I hope this review was worth your time. See you soon!x

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