Book Review – The History of Lesbian Hair by Mary Dugger…

Oh dear Ms. Duggar, this has to be one of the lousiest books that I have ever read! I was looking forward to reading this, as the blurb sings out loud and proud that this book was utterly fabulous and hilarious. The only thing that this book is is really, really shite.
I have never not finished a book and managed to finish this pile of festering dog turds. The author lets rip and belittles various groups of people. She says some terrible things and none of it is accurate or fair.
The book is horribly unfair and inaccurate in many situations. The cracks about Christian kids having to touch their dad’s penis for their birthday – really??? 

Child abuse is not fucking funny under ANY circumstances!!! She also fat shames, body shames and is generally nasty and viscous.
The thing that pissed me off the most is her comment about bisexual girls. She said that “Bisexuality is merely a road trip for straight girls.” What the F***? My bisexuality is no road trip for me. I am very settled with who I am and don’t feel like some judgmental woman who has no clue what and who I am and what I do has the right to break down my sexuality.
I’m only giving this book one star as a negative star rating is not available.   


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