Book Review – Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas…

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEADLINES . . . Twenty years ago 21-year-old Sophie Collier vanishes one night. She leaves nothing behind but a trainer on the old pier – and a hole in the heart of her best friend Francesca. Now A body’s been found. And Francesca’s drawn back to the seaside town she’s tried to forget. Perhaps the truth of what happened to Sophie will finally come out. Yet Francesca is beginning to wish she hadn’t returned. Everywhere she turns are ghosts from her past. The same old faces and familiar haunts of her youth. But if someone knows what really happened to Sophie that night then now’s the time to find out – isn’t it? Except sometimes discovering the truth can cost you everything you hold dear – your family, your sanity and even your life . . .
I was given an ARC by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
From the start of this story, it is made clear that all is not as it seems. The female protagonist, Fran, has a dark secret that is revealed early on in the story. (Sorry, but I’m not into book reviews with spoilers). She has built herself up upon leaving the seaside town she was raised in and under normal circumstances is a calm, collected businesswoman. Returning begins to unpick that.
Douglas has an excellent ability to describe the environment of her story upto the point that you can shut your eyes and picture the locale in your mind.
There are some very clever red herrings in this story and you are kept guessing right up until the end. A great thriller from a very good writer! I loved it! 
A five out of five star read.
I’m profoundly grateful to NetGalley and Penguin UK for my copy.

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