Book Review – Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner…

A MISSING GIRLEdith Hind is gone, leaving just her coat, a smear of blood and a half-open door.

Each of her friends and relatives has a version of the truth. But none quite adds up.

The press grows hungrier by the day. Can DS Manon Bradshaw fend them off, before a missing persons case becomes a murder?
I was given this ARC by Netgalley in return for a fair and honest review..
Right from the start we find small snippets that come from each character. They slowly introduce us to each character and is a really easy way to read.
The storyline is well crafted and keeps the reader interested by introducing new sub plots.
Manon is a great protagonist. She is strong and feisty but she also is allowed to explain those weaknesses through her loneliness. We see her progress and develop as the story moves on. Making some pretty big changes as she goes.
The only let down for me is how the crime is resolved. The only thing stopping it being a five star read.
A four out of five star read.
I am profoundly grateful to Netgalley and HarperCollins UK for my copy.

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