BookReview – Moskva by Jack Grimwood…

Moskva is a brilliantly written, chilling and sophisticated début serial killer thriller set in Cold War Moscow. Makes Kolymsky Heights look like a walk in Gorky Park. – Christmas Eve 1985 – The shaved, exsanguinated body of a young man is found in Red Square; frozen solid – like marble to the touch – missing the little finger from his right hand. A week later, Alex Marston, the fifteen year old daughter of the British Ambassador disappears. Army Intelligence Officer, Tom Fox, posted to Moscow following the death of his own daughter, is asked to help find her. It’s a shot at redemption. But as Fox’s investigation drags him deeper towards the dark heart of a Soviet establishment determined to protect its own so his fears grow, with those of the girl’s father, for her safety. A flayed cat, hung by its hind legs from the ceiling of Fox’s flat is just a warning. And if Fox can’t find Alex soon, it looks as if she could become a sadistic killer’s next human victim . . . Praise for Jack Grimwood: ‘Grimwood is a damned fine writer’ Independent ‘The writing is elegant, the dialogue razor sharp, the characters drawn economically but effectively, and the action is unrelenting’ SciFi Now ‘Conjures up the city so vividly that you can almost touch the place’ SFX

I was given an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

This book just didn’t do it for me. The story felt wooden and just did not seem to flow properly at all. It felt at times like there was too much reliance on the fear and mistrust surrounding Russia and its politics. Just not my kind of story. Sorry.

A two out of five star read.

I’m profoundly grateful to Netgalley and Penguin UK for my copy.

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