Book Review – A Spiritual Journey by Susan Kapatoes…

Did you know? That we are powerful beings with the ability to use our inner strength for the benefit of humankind. Throughout her life, Susan Kapatoes has felt moments of divine intervention – compelling events that caused her to remember and experience the omnipresent energy that is moving through our infinite universe and permeating our everyday lives.
A Spiritual Journey chronicles turning points in Kapatoes’s life. These are the unexpected moments that deeply touched her heart, revealing our existence extends far beyond the boundaries of the physical world. Stories of love, friendship, and difficulty are shared, along with those moments of grace, inviting the reader to expand his or her consciousness towards a greater reality. 
Kapatoes shares the inner tools for igniting our own spiritual journey: sincerity, awareness, joy, and knowledge. We all have access to such tools. How we choose to use these instruments dictates the course of our own lives, and that of humanity. A Spiritual Journey empowers each of us to take positive action and awaken our own higher consciousness.
I was given an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
My biggest issue with this book, and if I’m honest, this would have affected my decision to request this book is that nowhere in the book description is god mentioned. Spirituality is a large umbrella term that ensconces many different pathways. Had I known this book was solely about god, I would not have wanted to read it.
However, that being said, Ms. Kapatoes has described her enlightenment really well and given the reader some real insight into how she felt.
Another pet peeve. She uses the term “alternative therapy”. No no no. It’s complementary therapies.
The way that the author describes her friendships with others during her time working in a cafe is really lovely. She shows that the strong bond of friendship can help to lift our moods no matter what.
It’s just a great shame that this book is not what I was expecting.
A two out of five star read.
I am profoundly grateful to Netgalley for my copy of this book.

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