Changing plans and meltdowns…

Well, it’s not strictly a change of plans. Both my boys were told that they had a dentist’s appointment. Nothing major, only a check up. Now I think both kids have heard and understood as they dragged their eyes away from the screen and both nodded and said “Yes mum”.

My mistake was not to remind senior before he went to school. I knew that junior would be OK. He put a reminder in his phone. Senior doesn’t have a phone. They freak him out and he can’t cope with them and he disolves into a puddle of mush if he has to talk on the phone. (Much like myself really.)

So, they got home at 4pm and senior got into his PJs, which is his standard routine after school. If he has to deviate from that, we have all kinds of hell in the shape of a meltdown which just got worse when he is reminded that he has to go.

The only way to calm him down is to wrap him in his blankie and let him come round. So far it’s looking like he will go screaming and crying.

The other incident that upset him was that he wanted proper chicken curry from a takeaway. I told him calmly that we were having Shepherd’s Pie (savoury soy (or real beef)mince) with mashed potato and cheese. Normally he loves this meal, but not today. He screamed even louder.

The neighbours must think that I  butchering the poor kid from the way he is screaming. I have an ear infection brewing which is extremely painful, so the screams are making it worse.

The moral of the story? Always double check and triple check with your autistic children when you have differing plans from their normal routine.

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