Book Review – The Bones of Grace by Tamima Anam…

A modern love story that explores the complexities of having to choose between an arranged marriage and a marriage of love
On the eve of her departure to find the bones of the walking whale the fossil that provides a missing link in our evolution Zubaida Haque falls in love with Elijah Strong, a man she meets in a darkened concert hall in Boston. Their connection is immediate and intense, despite their differences: Elijah belongs to a prototypical American family; Zubaida is the adopted daughter of a wealthy Bangladeshi family in Dhaka. When a twist of fate sends her back to her hometown, the inevitable force of society compels her to take a very different path: she marries her childhood best friend and settles into a traditional Bangladeshi life. While her family is pleased by her obedience, Zubaida seethes with discontent. Desperate to finally free herself from her familial constraints, she moves to Chittagong to work on a documentary film about the infamous beaches where decommissioned ships are destroyed and their remains are salvaged by locals, who depend on the goods for their survival. Among them is Anwar, a ship-breaker whose story holds a key that will unlock the mysteries of Zubaida s past and the possibilities of a new life. As she witnesses a ship being ripped down to its bones, this woman torn between the social mores of her two homes Bangladesh and America will be forced to strip away the vestiges of her own life . . . and make a choice from which she can never turn back.”
I was given an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
This book has a subject at its core that makes my blood boil. Arranged/forced marriages. It delights me that somebody has sat down and created a stunning story that brings the misery and frustration of forced marriage to the fore. The book is stunning. It flows lyrically and paints such evocative pictures with its words.
A five out of five star read.
I am profoundly grateful to Netgalley and Canongate Books for my copy.

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