Book Review – Daredevils by Shawn Vestal…

At the heart of this coming-of-age novel set in Arizona and Idaho in the mid-1970s is fifteen-year-old Loretta – a beautiful girl with sharp intelligence and courage beyond her years and experience. Raised by strict Mormon parents, she secretly slips out of her bedroom to meet a so-called gentile boy. When her parents catch her returning one night, she is punished and forced to marry the much older Dean Harder, a devout fundamentalist who already has a wife and children.
The Harders relocate to his native Idaho, where Dean’s teenage nephew, Jason, falls in love with Loretta. Jason worships Evel Knievel and longs to leave his close-minded community. He and Loretta make a daring break for it. They drive all night, stay in a hotel, and relish their dizzying burst of teenage freedom – including a drunken encounter with (possibly) Evel Knievel himself. But someone Loretta left behind is on their trail…
I was given an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
It was interesting to read fiction centred around the Mormon faith that was actually written by somebody who was raised Mormon.
This is a fascinating coming of age story full of daring and passion. I enjoyed it a great deal more than I thought I would.
A three out of five star read.
I’m profoundly grateful to Netgalley and Pushkin Press for my copy. 

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