KY Shelter Director Charged with Cruelty


Cheryl Bartlett, an area rescuer, took her kids to the Edmonson County Animal Shelter in KY last week to pick up some dogs. One of her children noticed a dead dog in an outdoor pen with other dogs. Overall conditions at the facility were so awful, she called the police.

When state troopers arrived, they found 48 dogs, 1 dead, and 20 cats, 3 dead, suffering at the pound. Many of the animals had no water.  Cats were stacked in wire cages.  Three “feral” cats, covered in feces and flies, were crammed into a single cage.  One had visible urine burns.  Dogs appeared to have been starved, had feces matted in their fur and suffered from urine scalding and open sores.  Several animals were immediately killed, due to behavior or medical reasons.

edmonson co cat A cat at the Edmonson Co pound, as pictured on Facebook.  Someday I am going to…

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