An open letter to the friends and family of Brock Turner…


Let me start out this post by getting one thing perfectly clear. Your “golden boy” is a rapist. Plain and simple. He was humping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster in a brutal assault that went on for a whole twenty minutes.

No Mr Turner senior. It is NOT “20 minutes of action” that has ruined your son’s life. It is the brutal and sustained sexual assault BY YOUR OFFSPRING that has shattered and ruined the life of his victim and her family. They are the ones who will suffer ad infinitum. Your turd of a son will dust himself off after his six months in prison and (no doubt with daddy’s help) move on to a brand new life without a second thought or a look back. Isn’t that nice?

I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for your victim. Why? I read the statement that she read out in court to your rapist son, I broke down in tears. Her strength of character and her eloquence in the face of what she had been put through genuinely moved me.

Victim of Stanford rapist’s statement in full.
Then, as if the poor woman had not been put through enough, she had to hear the judge saying that any more than six months in prison would damage poor little Brocky’s future. But this was not the final slap in the face. It got worse. Much worse. You Mr. Turner Snr wrote something so offensive if was hard to believe possible. You described your son’s prolonged and brutal sexual assault on this defenceless young woman as “twenty minutes of action”! You utterly repugnant and morally bankrupt excuse for a man.

Brock Turner’s father’s horribly offensive statement.
But then as if she hadn’t been through enough, this odious little pervert had a friend come crawling out of the woodwork. The horrific part of this is that it was a female friend. She had the gall to describe her friend as “not a real rapist”! How the hell could she say that? Seriously??? Would you be saying that if it were yourself or your sister Ms. Rasmussen?

Friend Of Stanford Rapist Blamed Victim, Urged Judge Not To Be ‘Politically Correct’

The above link is the “Not a real rapist” letter.

I have only one thing to say to you Mr Turner senior. I hope that what happened to the young lady that your son assaulted never ever happens to a female in your family. That goes for you too Miss Rasmussen. You both make me want to vomit.

My thoughts are with the incredibly brave young woman who is the real victim here.

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