Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol Misuse, Who is more at risk?

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Our Lived Experience

Based on the article: Sukhmeet Singh, Liz Forty, Arianna di Florio, Katherine

Gordon-Smith, Ian Jones, Nick Craddock, Lisa Jones and Daniel J. Smith, Affective temperaments and concomitant alcohol use disorders in bipolar disorder, Journal of Affective Disorders,

We all have heard that bipolars shouldn’t take alcohol, never mind misuse it, but still alcohol misuse is so prevalent amongst us. Why is that? And why is it easier for some to fall into that trap than for others? Let’s investigate

Almost a third of bipolars struggle with problems relating to alcohol use, this is much higher than for the rest of the population. Alcohol misuse is an important issue since it can contribute to treatment non-adherence, higher rates of suicide and the abuse of other substances.

There are several theories around the mechanism behind the development of AM (alcohol misuse) problems amongst bipolars. The most prevalent one is the self-medication…

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