Book Review – The Last of Us by Rob Ewing…

The island is quiet now. 
On a remote Scottish island, five children are the only ones left. Since the Last Adult died, sensible Elizabeth has been the group leader, testing for a radio signal, playing teacher and keeping an eye on Alex, the littlest, whose insulin can only last so long.
There is ‘shopping’ to do in the houses they haven’t yet searched and wrong smells to avoid. For eight-year-old Rona each day brings fresh hope that someone will come back for them, tempered by the reality of their dwindling supplies.
With no adults to rebel against, squabbles threaten the fragile family they have formed. And when brothers Calum Ian and Duncan attempt to thwart Elizabeth’s leadership, it prompts a chain of events that will endanger Alex’s life and test them all in unimaginable ways.
This book starts off in a slow and sad way. One of the children (8 year old Rona) is talking via memory to her missing mother. She narrates the whole book apart from the last chapter.
The story was very well written, and as a proud Scot, it was lovely to see Gaelic being used. The conversational parts of the story were beautifully written and portrayed the children so well.
This story is bleak, sad and hopeless at times. It shows also, how even the youngest of us can find courage in the face of the greatest adversity.
I have just one tiny problem with the story as a whole. The ending is a little too anticlimactic.
A four out of five star read.
I am profoundly grateful to Netgalley and HarperCollins UK for my copy of this book.

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