5 thoughts on “Dear Autism Community: What are your thoughts on this autism awareness campaign?

  1. theworrierdiaries

    I definitely think this could have been worded better. ‘Fight Autism’ what’s that about? ‘Fighting Autism stigma’ is a better phrasing. There are so many people out there on the spectrum who deal with things every day not realising they are on the spectrum with other people thinking they are high maintenance or weird or mentally ill. People need to be more aware. It’s only recently that we entertained the fact my husband (pushing 30) might be on the spectrum.

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    1. I have two wonder kids and they are both autistic. They have no stigma and I take great offence at Autism Speaks and they way that they paint autism as a disease to hidden away and locked in dungeons.


  2. Unique. The can itself exemplifies madness. I wouldn’t have designed it “that” way … and I think something with a little more empathy could have been involved. I think the design represents ADD/ADHD if you ask me. Just sayin’.

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