For Crying Out Loud – NO MEANS NO!!!

I got myself properly cross tonight. My boys are both autistic and one of their big obsessions is Top Gear. They absolutely LOVE it and will watch their fill of it on a daily basis via Dave or Netflix. Now this seriously makes my teeth itch for many reasons, but the main one being the rampant sexism/misogyny that is always on show in the programme.

There are so many examples, but the one that particularly boils my piss is this clip right here:

No means I’m ready!
Now in this clip, Jeremy, James and Richard all act like misogynistic twatwaffles and proclaim their epic skill for getting a girl’s knickers off and her legs open simply by throwing a handbrake turn. Then when said girls all look at them like the hoofwangling bunglecunts that they truly are, the trio proclaim that what the girls are really saying is “I’m ready!”

NO NO NO!!! No means no and if a girl says no or looks at you like you just won the cunt of the year show, then her answer is still fucking no you hateful twatbadgers!

I’m lucky that my boys do not see girls as dating material yet, nor are  they ever likely to. But I still make damned sure that I explain to them just how wrong this is, and how every single one of us, man or woman has the right to say no if we don’t want something to happen to our bodies.

Whether you are male or female, you must accept that prejudice and sexism is wrong. Listen to your partner. Respect their wishes and for fuck’s sake accept that NO MEANS NO!!!

4 thoughts on “For Crying Out Loud – NO MEANS NO!!!

  1. Wiser words have never been spoken!

    That show seems so full of testosterone that I have never tried to watch it – now you’ve told me why. That is such a gross attitude to televise, bring back censorship!

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