Stuffed Shells and Italian Turkey Sausage – Offerings for the Vegetarians and the Carnivores in Your Life!

Inside Kel's Kitchen

I recently discovered the joys of manicotti, so the other night I thought I would roll that new found joy over to stuffed shells, similar concept with a different shaped pasta. I wanted to jazz up the ricotta filling, so I added some sundried tomato pesto to the filling and BAM! Now we’ve got something! This is actually a pretty easy dish, but it’s very impressive!
This was a great vegetarian dish and could be served alone with bread and salad. I had my kids coming over for dinner and needed to stretch the food out a bit, so I also decided to serve Italian sausages on the side. This worked out great and would be a great way to serve a meal if you had both carnivores and vegetarians in your midst.

I made a slow cooked batch of my marinara sauce. I used most of the sauce…

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