Dyspraxia, it’s more common than you might think…

Natalie Williams - The Blog With (More Than) One Post

As I’ve mentioned before in my blog, I was diagnosed with dyspraxia at an early age. In fact, I found out the exact date the other day – 20th July 2000, which is when I was 3 years old. Growing up with dyspraxia, I always thought it was rare and I think my parents thought the same too. I didn’t know anyone else who had dyspraxia, and no-one else seemed to know what it was or had even heard of it before. At the start of secondary school, when I also started to take part in disability athletics I began to hear of other people who had dyspraxia too. I then realised that maybe it wasn’t as rare as I had originally thought…

More recently in the past couple of years, I began to find out more about dyspraxia online – through other people’s blogs, the Dyspraxia Foundation website…

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