Book review – The Abundance – Annie Dillard…

A stunning new collection from the Pulitzer Prize-winner, with an introduction by Geoff DyerAnnie Dillard has spent a lifetime examining the world around her with eyes wide open, drinking in all things intensely and relentlessly. She conjures currents of magic and wisdom, illuminating the seemingly ordinary moments of a life lived fearlessly – as a breathless teenager, as a roving young adult and as a writer – with her unique wit, boundless curiosity and fierce, undeniably singular voice.

Whether observing a sublime lunar eclipse or a moth consumed in a candle flame, the trembling of lily pads on a pond or hundreds of red-winged blackbirds taking flight, Dillard’s awe at the fragility of the natural world rejuvenates and inspires pleasure and heartache.

Precise in language and deeply meditative in spirit, this is a landmark collection from one of America’s masters. A winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Annie Dillard is a formative figure in contemporary non-fiction and The Abundance a remarkable showcase of her enigmatic genius.
I’ve been given an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for a far and honest review.
This book reminded me a great deal of On Walden Pond by Thoreau. Dillard has a fine mind, a brilliant pair of eyes and a real gift to when it comes to committing what she has seen to paper.
You can be sitting in your bedroom half a world away. Yet through her words, through this book, you are lucky enough to see what she sees. A brilliant read.
Four out of five star rating.
I’m profoundly grateful to Netgalley for my ARC.

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