Tortsday (Tortoise Tuesday) #1

This is the work of one of my super talented fellow bloggers.

Little Lord Oscar Dandelion Books



It wasn’t the falling of the rain or the profound smell of rubber boot or Giles’s months old socks that awoke me. The rain brushing the window pane always lulls me to – and soothes me in – my sleep. And the butler’s socks are perfect nesting material. At first I tried re-closing my eyes to shut out the external stimuli, but I – the wisest and humblest of all animals – knew something was afoot.

Moments later I managed to shake off the last residues of my deep slumber and climb out of my temporary bed. A loose woollen thread of the sock clings onto a clawk, encumbering my progress – though I manage to shake it free. With a slow nod I look backwards.

Farewell dear warm sock!

I continue onwards.

No sooner had I fully extended my head out of my shell – and thus simutaneously…

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